Are you using the full potential of AI in your CRM system?

Do our quick test, determine your status quo and get recommendations for AI solutions you can use in your CRM system.

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AI readiness Check

Is your CRM Ready to use AI's full potential?

Our experts will evaluate the integration and implementation of your CRM system and help you identify how you can implement AI solutions to enhance your business's efficiency.

Christoph  Eschweiler - CRM LEAD

Benefit from our custom AI Readiness Check Service!

Our custom AI Check will help you lay the groundwork to successfully leverage AI products within your CRM system – for increased efficiency, happier customers and employees, and higher revenues.

  • You will find out if your CRM system and database meet the requirements for implementing advanced AI solutions.
  • You will receive a detailed report with an overview of potential AI solutions that you can implement.
  • Your report will assess which AI features and solutions will benefit you most.
  • Thanks to our recommendations, you will know what the next steps are to get the solution underway.
  • Upon request, we can also assist you in implementing advanced AI solutions in your CRM system.

Discover your CRM utilization rate

This test will help you find out what % of your CRM's basic potential have you already tapped!
After answering all questions we will send you an overview of AI tools and features you can use in your CRM system.

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Our approach

Do we meet all the requirements to utilize AI in our CRM? Whic AI features can I leverage and how are they beneficial? What are the first steps to implement AI in my CRM system? We answer these questions with our proven approach.



  • Analyse

    We deep dive into your CRM and System landscape to determine where you currently stand and identify areas where we need to intervene to elevate your CRM to the next level.

  • Evaluierung

    Based on the analysis, we assess whether you meet all the prerequisites to utilize AI features. Additionally, we determine which AI features are likely to provide you with the greatest benefits.

  • Zusammenfassung

    For a perfect overview, all gathered insights will be presented to you clearly in one document.

  • Handlungsempfehlung-1

    Based on the results of the AI Readiness Check, we will develop a set of recommendations and a roadmap. This document will outline the exact steps you need to take to integrate AI into your CRM system.

  • Umsetzung

    After the AI Readiness Check, we are still here to support you as partners! If you wish, our experts are available to help implement the suggested solutions.


Master your CRM challenges with AI

Here are just a few examples of how AI can make your everyday tasks easier in CRM systems. Schedule a non-binding consultation for our readiness check, and we'll see how AI can best help with your individual use case.

  • Time-consuming customer communication

    Does your team spend a lot of time answering customer inquiries or writing emails?

    AI-powered chatbots can swiftly react to customer needs, automating tasks like message creation and quoting. Moreover, they help you to customize communication to individual customers and thereby increase satisfaction.

  • Inefficient information search

    Is information search inefficient and time-consuming, causing frustration for you or your customers?

    Optimize the search function with AI so that everyone can quickly and accurately find the information they need.

  • Complex decision-making

    Are you unable to make data-driven strategic decisions?

    Complex decision-making involves analysing vast amounts of data to identify the best action. AI streamlines this process by quickly analyzing data, enabling you to expedite decision-making with predictions and automation.


Your Expert for the AI Readiness Check

Christoph leads our CRM department and brings nearly 20 years of IT experience to the table. Prior to the merger of SUNZINET with the Salesforce consultancy APRACOR, he served as APRACOR's managing director for 10 years, assisting clients in all aspects of their CRM systems.
Meet Christoph Eschweiler in person at the Salesforce World Tour in Munich!
There, he will be available to discuss AI and CRM (Thursday, April 25, Messe München, Conference Center North).

Reasons for an AI Readiness Check with SUNZINET

  • Higher ROI for your project:
    The use of AI is not an end in itself for us – it is always about creating tangible value. We strive to find and implement cost-effective solutions that fit your challenge and bring you the maximum ROI.
  • 20+ years of experience for your competitive advantage:
    We bring extensive experience across various industries and have already developed and implemented various CRM and AI solutions. Our experts understand your challenges and offer the necessary know-how to address them and secure your competitive advantage.

  • Consultation and implementation from a single source:
    We not only advise but also take action: After our AI Readiness Check, you have the opportunity to implement the results together with us. For this purpose, we provide the necessary (wo-)manpower and implementation expertise.

  • Strong partnerships with CRM technologies:
    As Gold Partners of manufacturers such as Salesforce and HubSpot, we bring extensive expertise in the technologies and know the tools inside and out. You benefit from this expertise in our AI Readiness Check.

Grundstein KI-getriebenes CRM KI Readiness Check

Legen Sie den Grundstein für Ihr KI-getriebenes CRM

Die Einführung von Künstlicher Intelligenz in CRM-Systemen birgt ein enormes Potenzial, wirft aber auch viele Fragen auf: Erfüllt mein Unternehmen alle Voraussetzungen, um KI in seinem CRM zu nutzen? Was ist alles mit KI möglich – und welche Funktionen sind für mein Business wirklich sinnvoll? Was sind die ersten Schritte, um KI einzusetzen? 

Mit unserem KI Readiness Check für Salesforce, Hubspot oder Microsoft Dynamics legen wir den Grundstein dafür, dass Sie KI-Produkte erfolgreich in Ihrem CRM-System nutzen können – um Ihre Effizienz zu steigern, Mitarbeitende zu entlasten und Kunden noch besser zu betreuen.  

AI Readiness Check: Schedule a Non-binding Initial Consultation!

Not entirely sure if the AI Readiness Check is right for you?

No problem – in the first step, we'll arrange a non-binding, free initial consultation.

Together, we'll assess how we can best assist you and provide further information on the process and costs of our service.

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