Our project management methodology

"Not because it's hard, we don't dare, but because we don't dare, it's hard." (Seneca) We dare. Together with you. To achieve this, it is necessary to find the right project management method to lead your project to success. Because every project is individual and that is how it should be treated.

Which project planning methods are suitable for you?

In addition to the content and technical requirements, sunzinet will therefore work with you to determine the most suitable approach to your project. We adapt flexibly to your requirements: If important milestones in your company have to be presented and approved by the Steering Committee, we work in the classic waterfall model. But we can also be fully agile with you as product owner in Scrum, for example if you need to quickly bring the MVP online in a pilot project.

Maybe the best of both worlds is just right for you. We advise you and use the method that best suits you as a customer and your project. Because in addition to the goal, the good way to achieve it is also a goal.

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Agile approach and MVP

Often it is MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) and parallelizations that can help to serve the required speed, so that a (partially) agile approach is the best option. Our teams are organized cross-functionally in order to process these requirements quickly and flexibly. We always keep an eye on your individual triangle of time, budget and quality. Good communication and transparency are success factors for us, which we prove to you not only in regular status calls. We attach great importance to long-term cooperation and the sustainable success of your company, because there is always room for improvement.

An insight into our projects

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