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4JET Technologies GmbH

The 4JET company creates powerful, integrated machine solutions for industrial production by combining laser process technology, optics, image processing, automation and software. 4JET solutions are used in demanding industries worldwide, including tire and automotive, glass and photovoltaic manufacturing. 

The Challenge

Increasing sales and awareness of the new product JETLASER

On the occasion of the new product JETLASER we received the task from 4JET to increase the awareness of the new product on the German and American market. The goal: to increase leads and sales figures. At the same time, the aim was to generally improve the brand awareness and reach of the leading supplier of innovative laser systems and solutions in Germany and the USA.

The new product "JETLASER" works with a new process technology, which is unknown in the industry so far. This is one of the reasons why the lead rate before our consultation was very low. In addition, the competitor products offer an established process technology and are therefore strong competitors. In order to successfully introduce the target group to the new JETLASER product, detailed explanations and information are necessary in the product campaign.  

In addition, the 4JET target group is not mainstream. Therefore, it was particularly challenging to define and reach the touchpoints of the potential B2B customers. This made targeting more difficult. In addition, the JETLASER product has a high price range. Therefore, the customer lifetime cycle took more time, which in turn made it take longer to convince the target group to buy the product.  


Our Approach & Solution

Scalable lead generation process with click-funnel

We implemented our mission with a comprehensive package of marketing measures: We created both the concept and the target group segmentation for the campaign. We also took care of the technical and graphical setup of the landing page and the ads. We also designed the funnel and implemented the marketing automation.

We set up a dedicated targeting concept - with target group-specific content for sustainable added value. For this, we created a landing page and an ad concept - as a common foundation of the lead generation process. We took care of both the technical and creative implementation of the landing pages and the ads to ensure a uniform appearance with a strong recognition value.



We created the landing page via Hubspot, through which the target group was guided in the campaign and received valuable information about the product. We also designed a lead generation process via click-funnel. At the same time, we ensured qualification of the leads through marketing automation. The complete implementation and integration of the campaign took place in the inbound marketing tool Hubspot. This enabled us to guarantee a scalable lead generation process. 

The Result

Qualitative lead increase and continuous performance improvement
Our campaign for the JETLASER product generated over 40 sales-ready leads in the first month! We were able to continuously scale the performance of the campaign through our lead generation measures. In total, after 5 months of operation, the landing page was accessed over 18,500 times and we were able to record almost 135 sales qualified leads. These have provided their contact details and are interested in being contacted by 4JET sales. In addition, we succeeded in strengthening the awareness and reach of the 4JET brand in the course of our campaign. 

Measurable success after only 5 months of campaigning:

SQLs 133
MQLs 247
Landingpage Clicks 18,500

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