Elevating Business Competitiveness through Shop Relaunch with Shopware 6


With three decades of presence in the market, a network of over ten brick-and-mortar locations, and a robust online sales platform, BAT stands as the premier destination for construction, renovation, and home decor materials in Northern Poland. In addition to its extensive retail operations, company holds a significant stake in the PSB Group (Polskie Składy Budowlane), overseeing a portion of the Mrówka stores. 

The company's customers are homeowners, construction companies, installation specialists and developers who are looking for quality products and professional service. 


The Project

Enhancing the E-commerce Experience for BAT

As e-commerce continued to rapidly expand, BAT faced a series of challenges:

  • The website design did not meet customer expectations.
  • A more efficient CMS was needed for the website.
  • Product presentation on the Mrówka website needed optimization.

In 2022, BAT initiated a partnership with SUNZINET to address these issues. 

The Challenge

Maintaining brand consistency   

BAT and Mrówka, while serving distinct customer bases, both  are managed by the same company. The primary challenge during the implementation process was to ensure both sites maintained a cohesive brand identity while enhancing their functionality. 

Client emphasized the importance of customizing each site's design and services to meet the unique demands of their respective customer groups. Simultaneously, it was crucial for BAT to subtly highlight the similarities between the two portals, allowing users to easily recognize their shared management and underlying brand values. 


Our Approach

Next-Level E-Commerce for Enhanced Shopping 

In the case of BAT and Mrówka, SUNZINET implemented Shopware Beyond, an advanced e-commerce platform that offered significant enhancements:

  • Interface Upgrade: A pivotal element was the revamp of the shopping experience, introducing a new, user-friendly layout with cutting-edge technological features to enhance navigation ease on the websites. Workshops were conducted, and customer behaviors and expectations analyzed. This approach refined the interface and tailored it to the natural user journey across the site. 
  • Business Flexibility and Scalability: Shopware's platform excels in both B2B and B2C sales, offering remarkable versatility. It enabled the client to manage multiple sales channels through a single, streamlined platform, greatly simplifying the handling of products and services. Its scalability, aligning seamlessly with rapid business growth trajectories, proved valuable. This adaptability made Shopware an ideal choice for evolving business needs. 
  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven Solutions: Tools powered by artificial intelligence were introduced. This included an automated content creation tool, significantly easing the burden of generating product descriptions for site managers. Additionally, the implementation of advanced AI mechanisms enhanced the efficiency of search engines on the company's websites, improving both user experience and operational efficiency. 

The Result

Elevating Business Competitiveness through Service Upgrades  

Thanks to the technology upgrade and our consultations, the following results have been achieved 

  • Mrówka store design in line with the latest trends: In the fiercely competitive home stage industry, a website's aesthetics critically shape the first impression, necessitating functional, design-aligned sites to meet customer expectations.
  • Streamlining processes for managing products and store offerings: This approach enables BAT to swiftly align its offerings with market trends, saving time and resources, reducing errors, ensuring message consistency, and enhancing the customer experience for both individuals and businesses. 
  • Accelerated preparation of product content for the site: The implemented AI solution has enhanced the quality and consistency of product descriptions on store pages, while cutting description creation time by up to 50%.  
  • Providing BAT customers with a comfortable and clear path to purchase: Enhanced product presentation, AI-driven search, and technical upgrades have improved site navigation, leading to greater user-friendliness, customer loyalty, and higher conversions.  

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