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More Traffic for Higher Revenue: 95% increase in Betten Bormann's Online Presence

Betten Bormann is a prominent player in the sleep comfort industry. It is known for offering high-quality beds and mattresses, boasting an extensive range and personalized service that has earned them a solid reputation as a trusted provider.

Betten Bormann faced a challenge familiar to many businesses in the modern era: enhancing the online shopping experience.

  • The company aimed to enhance its online shopping experience amid evolving customer preferences. 
  • Furthermore, they sought to establish local relevance, catering to diverse customer needs across locations.

That's when they decided to partner with SUNZNIET. 


An Interrupted Customer Journey

Betten Bormann needed to unite two shops while addressing frustrating online furniture shopping, poor rankings, and unproductive product pages.
In our initial workshops, we realized the following challenges that hindered Betten Bormann from reaching its goals:

  1. Poor search results: The existing online platforms were causing frustration among their customers because their search results were not good.
  2. The website was not optimized for conversions: Their website's product pages lacked valuable guide knowledge, leading to fewer conversions.
  3. Broken User Journey: Two separate CMS systems broke a customer's journey. A guide or consultation page for beds without a shop lead to a dead end, without conversion.
  4. Could not address diverse customer groups: Betten Bormann's existing setup lacked the means to effectively address diverse customer groups from different locations.


Website Preview | Betten Bormann Website Relaunch | Customer Project | Digital Agency SUNZINET

Merging websites & enabling experiences with new content

To address Betten Bormann's challenges head-on, we adopted a multi-faceted approach that revolved around solving the pain points and providing tangible business value:

  • Shopware CMS Migration: First we planned their CMS Migration, using Shopware 6, to combine their two shops, while ensuring that they don't lose their current rankings.

  • Optimized Filters for Seamless Navigation: We integrated static and indexable filter pages within their existing Shopware platform. This improved user experience by ensuring that the products can be easily discovered based on a specific criteria.

  • Elevating Local Engagement: To enhance local relevance, we expanded location-specific pages with engaging advisory text, user experiences, and city-specific references. This allowed customers to connect with Betten Bormann on a more personal level and find the information they needed effortlessly.

  • Empowering In-Person Interactions: Our content strategy included a strong emphasis on the benefits of in-person consultation, addressing concerns like "Why should I travel so far?" We introduced various staff members and presented compelling reasons for customers to visit physical stores, boosting trust and engagement.

  • Holistic Guide Pages: We expanded guide pages to cover major topics, ensuring customers had access to comprehensive information. This empowered them to make informed purchasing decisions, while also positioning Betten Bormann as an authority in their industry.


95% increase in the shop's visibility & performance

Our strategic approach endeavors yielded results that aligned with Betten Bormann's goals:

  • The merger of Better Bormann's two websites ensures a smoother journey for customers, resulting in higher conversions. 
  • A big boost in website SEO performance is evident. For instance, within just one month, the company's ranking for the keyword 'Bed Shop' shot up from 42nd to 2nd place.
  • The website won tough keywords like "Boxspringbetten-Probeschlafen," with a 97.67% surge in ranking.
  • Our content strategy generated 25,605 clicks amidst 1.42 million page views.

Our collaboration with Betten Bormann forged an online shopping experience that's not only seamless but also captivating, enhanced with personal engagement and enriched content. By addressing their pain points and providing effective solutions, we enabled Betten Bormann to connect with customers more deeply, boost their website traffic, and drive more revenue.


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