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As a subsidiary, Bosch Digital promotes and supports Bosch Groups' digital transformation. The focus is always on supporting and advising the entire Bosch Group with all its divisions. Whether it's implementing digital business, AI, IoT, scalable IT solutions or successful implementation with its customers and partners - Bosch Digital is characterized by a robust portfolio and lives an agile culture.

The Project

Eliminating Errors Stemming from Manual Work

Bosch Digital works with Salesforce and SAP.
They faced the challenge of manually creating closed deals in the SAP system. This involved manually entering information such as product or service sales, customer details, order specifics, pricing, quantities, and payment terms. To make entire the process more efficient, the goal was clear: 

  • Automate contract creation in SAP.
  • To work more efficiently, repetitive work in controlling is to be automated by means of interfaces.
  • Errors caused by manual entries should be reduced.
Salesforce Implementation and process automaiton prject with Bosch - 1

The Challenge

Addressing Efficiency and Accuracy Challenges at Bosch Digital

We conducted a workshop with the employees at Bosch Digital, to review the main challenges the team had: 

  • Inefficient work processes due to lack of automation, proper data management and disintegrating Salesforce and SAP systems.
  • High error rate because of manual data entry.
  • No automated feedback or reporting set-up, as a result, no clear overview of sales figures and contracts.
It was imperative for Bosch Digital to reduce the work of manual entry for controlling and automating repetitive tasks.

The goal of the project was to enable the employees to have more time available for higher-value tasks, which accelerates the business's growth.

Salesforce und SAP Integration - Salesforce Agentur SUNZINET

Our Approach

Prioritizing seamless Process Automation

We prioritized process automation to minimize error susceptibility: 

  • Our developers created a custom message broker to seamlessly integrate Bosch Digital's specific requirements with Salesforce. So that when a deal is now completed in Salesforce, the information is automatically sent to SAP. 
  • We implemented system automation to generate a contract in SAP upon deal creation. 
  • Additionally, we ensured that the information remains consistent between the two systems, by setting up automation to enrich and sync data between Salesforce and SAP.  
Salesforce Project Bosch Results

The Result

SAP-Salesforce Integration Boosts Bosch Digital's Productivity

Connecting SAP with the existing Salesforce Clouds and setting up system automation for Bosch Digital yielded the following results:

  • Minimized errors through automated data transfer.
  • Efficient reports for controlling contract creation in SAP.
  • Streamlined automatic feedback and reporting.

Now, the employees at Bosh can focus on creating value and growing the business. At the same time, system integration and automation handle repetitive manual tasks efficiently. 

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