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Dynamic, data-driven, with a focus on the customer: the coeo Group has its finger on the pulse of consistent receivables management! The company sees itself not only as a collection service provider, but also as an analyst, consultant and proactive companion. coeo stands for intelligent receivables management and combines "knowledge from experience" with the factor "man and machine". In this way, new data-based, behaviour-oriented collection strategies are constantly being developed that are geared towards customer benefit. Based on the latest technologies and the use of artificial intelligence, coeo develops individual and innovative collection concepts tailored to the needs of its clients without straining the relationship with the end customer. Founded in 2010, the company focuses primarily on the core industries of e-commerce, energy, telecommunications and insurance.

The Challenge

Corporate website and new branding for a strong brand positioning

The coeo group of companies sees itself as a pioneer on the European debt collection market - with customer-centric, digital receivables management and smart solutions. For a strong long-term positioning in international competition, a new corporate website with a fresh design had to be launched. The new website also had to communicate the merger into one group to the outside world. So it's no wonder that coeo wanted both the highest quality and a fast implementation for the launch - including new branding and a modern corporate design. In addition, a comprehensive relaunch of the service portal is to follow shortly. To meet these requirements, we took all measures: From consulting to UX/UI, photo shoots, technical development, content management and copywriting to digital marketing.


Awarded: German Brand Award 2021

The corporate website for the coeo Group received the Winner award at the German Brand Award 2021. The new website impressed the jury with its modern character. The basis for this is a strong branding with fresh corporate design - including a new, authentic image world.




Our approach & the solution

Modern, agile, expressive - new branding and corporate design present innovative coeo character
 As a full-service agency, we provide coeo with holistic support in positioning itself effectively as a brand in the long term. We first developed the branding basics in order to present the innovative character of the group in the best possible way. We recorded these in a digital brand book and, building on this, created a new, brand-appropriate corporate design. This was followed by the logo rebrush and the design style guide for further digital applications. Above all, the fresh color scheme ensures a friendly look for the coeo brand - making the Group stand out clearly from the competition. An authentic image world and intuitive user guidance do the rest. In addition, the versatile photos of the coeo employees, which were taken during our shoot, promote a personal user approach at eye level.
www.coeo-group.com_(iPhone SE)-1

Overall, thanks to the high-quality design and proven UX texts at, the expertise of the group of companies is now highlighted much more strongly. In addition, we have succeeded in presenting the technically demanding topic of digital receivables management in a user-friendly way - so that the advantages for the user are clearly conveyed.

In SUNZINET we have found the optimal partner for the realization of our corporate website. Because our all-around successful cooperation is especially characterized by the spirit that is so important for coeo: dynamic and flexible, always striving for high quality and efficiency. As a result, we were able to position ourselves strongly in international competition in a very short time. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with further exciting challenges!

 Sebastian Ludwig
Sebastian Ludwig Managing Director, coeo Group

The result

Future-proof web presence thanks to TYPO3 and Vue Frontend components

In order to successfully implement not only the UX but also the technical requirements of the project, we combined the content management system (CMS) TYPO3 with Vue frontend components for the four-language corporate website. We also implemented the landing page for the coeo service portal. In addition, we will soon implement the complete service portal relaunch. This should set clear standards for the industry, especially in UX & UI. At the same time, we are constantly optimizing the website, for example with additional national languages. Overall, the continuous further development of the coeo brand is the focus of our future collaboration.

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