Elevating B2B Engagement with a Comprehensive Digital Portal

Customer Centric B2B E-commerce Portal Development for Kienzle Automotive - B2B E-commerce Agency for automotive sector SUNZINET


KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE is a leader in tachographs and accessories for the commercial vehicle sector. Their portfolio includes archival solutions for tachograph data, telematics, vehicle technology, car multimedia, and more, positioning them as a quality leader known for service excellence.

The Goal

Tackle operational issues and boost customer satisfaction

KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE teamed up with SUNZINET for a digital transformation journey to adapt to their changing business needs. Known for its wide array of products, seminars, and services, KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE wanted to make the most of the B2B Digital portal solution.

They reached out to us to tackle operational issues and improve user experience.

4 icons showcasing pre-customer portal implementation scenarios, high error rate and unsatidfied customer - B2B E-commerce agency for Automotive industry SUNZINET

The Project

Pre-Customer Portal Scenario

Before implementing the customer portal, the following were the top challenges hindering growth and operational efficiency:

  1. High Volume of Manual Processes leading to a high error rate and inefficiency:
    The company grappled with manually handling orders, event bookings, and technical inquiries. This not only slowed down operations but also increased the risk of errors and inefficiencies.

  2. Underutilization of Resources due to the lack of automation:
    Valuable staff time and company resources were consumed by repetitive tasks like order processing, managing customer inquiries, and event management, which could have been automated.

  3. Fragmented Customer Experience:
    The absence of a cohesive digital platform resulted in inconsistent interactions with the brand, diminishing customer engagement and loyalty.

  4. Lower personalized service offers because of complex customer Management:
    The existing system was ill-equipped to manage the diverse needs of various customer groups, making personalized service a challenge.

Kienzle Customer portal development - B2B E-commerce Agency for automotive industry SUNZINET

Our Strategic Approach

Implementing a customer-centric B2B Portal

SUNZINET’s strategy focused on developing a customer portal to automate processes, save resources, and provide a unified brand image across customer interactions.

We developed KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE’s comprehensive B2B partner portal with the following approach:

  1. Launching a B2B platform using Shopware 6: We chose Shopware 6 for its flexibility and robustness, allowing the integration of various plugins to enhance functionality.

  2. Integrating Tachograph Finder: This innovative product finder was specifically designed for tachographs, making it easier for customers to find the exact product they need, thereby reducing the volume of inquiries related to product specifications and compatibility.

  3. Utilizing B2Bsellers Suite: The B2Bsellers Suite offered advanced capabilities for customer and event management, role and rights management, and quick order processing. This suite facilitated a seamless, efficient, and personalized shopping experience for B2B customers.

Customers can find the exact product they need, thereby reducing sales and service team's work. 

Customer Overview & The Quick order functionality: To reduce procurement time and enhance the efficiency of the sales cycle.

Customer overview and Quick-order functionality - B2b E-commerce customer portal development agency SUNZINET
Image showcasing 4 main features of the B2B E-commerce customer portal - B2B E-commerce agency for automotive industry SUNZINET

Key Portal Features and the value they deliver

  1. Employee and Role Management: This feature streamlined internal processes and access control, significantly improving the customer experience by facilitating a more efficient workflow.

  2. Event Management Capabilities:
    Simplified event organization and participant tracking enhanced both the administrative and participant experience, making event management effortless and more engaging.

  3. Quick Order Functionality:
    Enabled rapid order placement, reducing procurement time and enhancing the efficiency of the sales cycle.

  4. Product Bundles and Intelligent Search:
    Improved product discovery and customization, elevating the customer experience and opening new sales opportunities through upselling and cross-selling.

The result of implementing a customer centric B2B Portal for Kienzle Automotive - B2B E-commerce agency for automotive industry SUNZINET

The Result

Streamlined operations enabling an enhanced and personalized customer experience

The deployment of the B2B Partner Portal revolutionized KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE's approach to B2B engagement:

  • Higher operational efficiency with automation 
    Automation reduced manual errors and inefficiencies, streamlining operations.

  • Resource Optimization
    The reduction in manual tasks has allowed KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE's staff to reallocate their focus towards more strategic and value-adding activities.

  • Consistent and Enhanced Customer Experience
    A unified user interface and self-service capabilities elevated the brand image, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Personalized Service Delivery: Effective management of diverse customer groups allowed for more tailored services, increasing customer engagement.


The collaboration between KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE and SUNZINET has set a benchmark for digital innovation in the B2B sector of the automotive industry. The comprehensive B2B Partner Portal not only streamlined KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE's internal operations but also transformed its customer engagement model.

By leveraging the portal's sophisticated features, KIENZLE AUTOMOTIVE has successfully addressed its pre-existing challenges, delivering unparalleled value to its customers and establishing a foundation for sustained growth and success in the digital age.

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