Launching e-commerce platform for gamers


GameSeal is a platform managed by gaiming enthusiasts and gamers. It offers gaming products at affordable prices with top-notch customer service and support. They want users to enjoy not only the gaming experience, but also the user friendly system of using their website. 

Shopware logo in blue - Gameseal gaming platform development with Shopware 6 - SUNZINET

The Project

Improve business through new e-commerce system 

In the gaming business, the user experience is very important: from the first impression, to the smooth transition through the purchase, to the use of a particular game itself. Before Gameseal began working with SUNZINET, it faced the following difficulties: 

  • Gameseal needed a website to communicate with its users and present offering. 
  • The growing business required an improved integration system with service providers. 
  • The need to ensure smooth conversion of online currencies.
In 2022 SUNZINET began working with GameSeal with the main goal of launching a platform for selling game passes.  

Our Approach

Implementation of e-commerce platform for gamers 

In implementing such comprehensive solutions, the most important thing is to share knowledge and be open to new proposals. The implementation at GameSeal began with a detailed workshop. Before solution design, mockup and implementation began, a detailed analysis of the competition was conducted. This is very important in this industry. During the testing phase of the site, it was possible to perform additional verification of solutions.

We used Shopware 6 technology to implement the platform. It's a very flexible solution that gives the ability to easily scale business and customize.

The implementation included the design of technology solutions. Proper implementation of solutions for digital products and integration of the service with service providers enables the client to sell products efficiently and seamlessly.The implementation included:

Gameseal platform preview on a mobile - SUNZINET

The Result

E-commerce with unique customer jorney, design and latest solutions  

GameSeal now has a platform for selling game passes. SUNZINET's efforts have yielded a number of results 

  • User experience at a high level: GameSeal has gained a competitive platform that attracts customers from all over the world 
  • Friendly Customer Journey: Improving the way users navigate, select games and pay for them will make the platform easier to use.
  • Comfortable website management: Site managers have gained new capabilities for editing, changing offers, setting promotions and marketing activities. They can do all this using Shopware. 
  • Ensuring a competitive platform for selling games: Creating a website that can compete with the leaders selling game keys. 

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