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Are you still using Shopware 5 for your online store?
Shopware 5 is reaching end-of-life in 2024, now is the perfect time to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 offers improved performance, enhanced security, and access to a range of new features and functionalities.
Our Shopware experts will support you at every step of your Shop Migration!


What you need to know about
Shopware migration

Shopware 5 will soon be discontinued, as it is unable to keep up with the changing demands and advancements in E-commerce technology. The outdated platform will no longer be able to provide the necessary performance, security, and features required by modern online businesses.

By migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, you can take advantage of these improvements for your business and ensure that your online-shop presence is up-to-date, secure, and able to meet the needs and expectations of your customers.
Migrating before 2024 will enable you to do a smooth transition without the pressure of a deadline.

Your benefits at a glance

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    Enable reliable data transfer

    If the migration process is not properly executed, important data can be lost. Our experts ensure that all the data, such as customer information, orders, and product details are transferred without loss or corruption. 

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    Ensure compatibility between systems

    Our team of developers will ensure that your shop's plug-in, customized features, custom modules and more are properly transferred to your new shop system. 

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    Optimize Shop Design

    Customized themes and designs in Shopware 5 may not be suitable for Shopware 6. Therefore our UX experts ensure that your designs are updated with the aim of increasing your cart value. 

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    Go-live with minimal downtime

    Our agile team with experience over 20 years establish a well-planned schedule and support structure to make sure your transition works seamlessly and with just a short downtime.

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    Thourough testing & long-term support 

    During the entire migration process, our team does thourough testing to identify bugs, avoid data loss and resolve functional issues. With us you have experts by your side, who know your shop and can quickly recify errors. 

Some of our Shopware-Experts


Vsevolod Küppers

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Wojciech Wojciechowski

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Maurice Fink

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Carlos Reicheneder

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Tomasz Komoszeski

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Migrate to Shopware from anywhere

Here are the top systems our customers migrate from. Get in touch, and we will support your migration needs!

Magento to Shopware 6

Migrating from Magento to Shopware offers several benefits, including improved performance, enhanced security, access to new features and functionalities, and a better user experience. The migration process can also lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and streamlined processes. We are your partner to modernize your e-commerce platform and stay ahead of the competition.



WooCommerce to Shopware 6

Is your online shop growing, and do you need a shop system that has better security, a user-friendly interface and is future-proof?
Then Shopware 6 is a better fit for you, to ensure your business's growth.

Shopify to Shopware 6

Is your online shop growing, and do you need a shop system that allows you to have more customization options and advanced features? Then Shopware 6 might be a better fit for you. 

Contact us now to get your first free consultation for your migration project. 

TYPO 3 to Shopware 6

TYPO 3 is an open-source platform, which means, with the right developers, you can develop many solutions using TYPO3. But, when your online shop begins to grow, more robust e-commerce solutions with specialized features for online shops, improved scalability,  and enhanced security is required. 

We can help you in assessing your company's needs to ensure a migration to a fitting online shop system. 

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We care & we deliver


leguano could not have found a better partner for the redesign of our store and the relaunch of the website

"We are completely thrilled with both the cooperation and the result! The team from SUNZINET was in permanent exchange with us and was thus able to react immediately to needs, wishes and challenges. The result: real added value. Many thanks for the patience during the development and the creative as well as professional advice during the implementation of our new modern brand appearance. We look forward to further joint projects!"

Fabian Welke Marketing Manager, Leguano

With the decision for SUNZINET, we have made the right choice for our company

"A high quality of consulting for the new and further development of our website as well as great suggestions for new ways in inbound marketing with tools that help increase our efficiency and effectiveness - we are very satisfied and see ourselves well positioned for the future."

Dietmar Bernstein Senior Marketing Manager, Unger

We are more than satisfied with our new online store!

"The store is easy to use, looks very chic and has also extremely simplified the work of our colleagues. The cooperation with SUNZINET went smoothly and we got exactly the result we wanted."

Frank Wintergerst Head of E-Commerce, WOFI LEUCHTEN

Our recent Shopware 6 Project


36% more sales with an online-shop relaunch within 14 days

Leguano, a leading shoe supplier, faced technical issues when support for their old Magento online-shop system ended. Therefore, we relaunched their website with Shopware 6 within 2 weeks and provided provided end-to-end support including consulting, conception, development, content maintenance, and digital marketing. The result: leguano's website sales accelerated by 36%

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Simona Mayer
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  • What are the advantages of Shopware 6?

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    Shopware 6 is designed to be faster and more efficient than Shopware 5, which can result in significantly improved page load times and an enhanced user experience for customers. In addition, Shopware 6 includes a number of security enhancements to protect sensitive data and prevent attacks, ensuring that the online store is secure and trustworthy. Furthermore, Shopware 6 is highly scalable and able to support large numbers of customers and products. Finally, Shopware 6 features improved integration with third-party tools and services, making it easier for online store owners to connect to other platforms and applications.

  • When should I update from Shopware 5 to 6?

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    Updating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is an important step for anyone using Shopware 5, as the platform will be phased out in 2024. Migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, before 2024 enables you to have enough time to make the switch, ensuring a smooth transition without deadline pressure. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary errors and ensure the reliability of your new online shop.

  • Is the migration process from Shopware 5 to 6 complicated?

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    The migration process from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 can be complex and time-consuming, depending on the complexity and the size of your shop. As a certified Shopware agency, we can ensure a successful migration.
    Contact us now for an initial free and no-obligation consultation. Contact us now or set-an appointment directly!

  • How much does migrating from Shopware 5 to 6 cost?

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    The costs of migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 can vary depending on several factors such as: 
    • Cost of licensing for Shopware 6
    • The complexity of your current setup.
    • The size of your store
    • The number of custom themes, plugins and modules that need to be migrated from Shopware 5 to 6.
    • The need for additional features or integrations is required for you to optimize your shop.
    • Development costs for customizing the new platform.

    Contact us now to get your first non-binding consultation, to get a better overview of how much the migration project would cost you.
    Request a callback or set-up a meeting with our expert