KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung

As a subsidiary of the City of Cologne, KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung is the first point of contact for all companies and start-ups at the location. It provides guidance on questions regarding official measures and legal regulations. In all questions relevant to business and administration, KölnBusiness provides information, acts as a mediator and networker, and offers individual solutions with its wide range of services. In addition, KölnBusiness develops strategies for the business location Cologne of the future - together with regional companies, partner institutions as well as science and research facilities. The primary goal: to promote innovation and strengthen the Cologne brand - both nationally and internationally.

The Challenge

Professional web presence and efficient customer management for business development agency KölnBusiness

At the beginning of 2019, KölnBusiness spun off independently from the city of Cologne. The goal: to promote the cathedral city as a business location, to support companies in the best possible way and to systematically push innovations. In addition, KölnBusiness plans to position itself as a leading business development agency throughout Germany in the long term. Accordingly, SUNZINET's task was to professionalize the previous web presence - including a fresh, brand-compliant look and feel. Another task: to implement a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for organizing and evaluating all customer data. In addition to consulting, concept and UX/UI, we also pulled out all the stops in development and digital marketing. 


Our Approach & Solution

Digitize up to 90 percent of all processes with CRM system Salesforce

 For efficient management of its extensive customer data, our customer KölnBusiness will be relying on the Salesforce CRM solution in the future. The basis for this decision was a previously conducted needs analysis. This was followed by interviews and a joint workshop. After that, three CRM systems were shortlisted, with Salesforce making the final running - this best meets the company's requirements. This meant that we were not only able to map the customer's various workflows perfectly, but also to simplify communication between the individual units of the business development department. 

With Salesforce, KölnBusiness has already successfully digitized up to 90 percent of its processes and even automated some of them. This is because the CRM is a real all-round talent that covers several tasks at once: the administration of customer data as well as the operational tasks of the sales department.

The Result

User-friendly, versatile, modern: New corporate website gives KölnBusiness a unique identity

In addition to the Salesforce implementation, we also took care of the new website for KölnBusiness. The goal was to improve the user experience and increase lead generation. Now the new corporate website based on TYPO3 impresses with its high-quality design and successful usability. This further strengthens the professional appearance of the business development agency. The special feature behind it: the underlying pattern library as an organized design system. It collects all reusable elements and defines their exact use. On this basis, we developed a scalable design as well as a structured UX/UI - quickly and efficiently. Now KölnBusiness presents itself all around with a unique, coherent identity.



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