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Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH is the leading outdoor, ski and bike clothing company based in Schwabmünchen, Bavaria. The family-owned company was founded in 1804 and is now managed by the seventh generation of Peter Schöffel with 200 employees. With the claim "I'm out." the brand underlines its claim as a high-quality clothing for ambitious outdoor athletes:inside. Schöffel is also known for its sustainable and social business practices and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles as well as a Bluesign system partner.

Schöffel set the following goals to increase its market growth:

  • Modernize its brand, and make it emotionally tangible across all channels.
  • Strengthen the relationship with its customers and satisfy their needs at all customer journey touchpoints.
  • Optimizing its digital processes to enable its employees to work efficiently

In 2021, SUNZINET came on board with the brand as their full-service agency to support them to realize their ambitions. 


The Challenge

To strengthen the relationship between a brand and its customer it is vital for a brand to know its audience and systematically record, organize and use the data provided by its customers.

In our first screening and analysis of the CRM landscape, we recognized the following challenges:

  • The nature of the data, collected by Schöffel, is dynamic.
  • There are multiple sources for data with loop-holes in the integration with the CRM system
  • Since the information in the CRM data is scattered, the employees need a lot of time to clean and process the data properly, which reduced the acceptance rate among the employees.  

In a nutshell, we needed to establish a CRM strategy, for both B2C & B2B sectors, that enables efficient collection of data, from all sources, and empowers Schöffel's content strategy to be personalized, making the brand tangible.


Our Approach

We analyzed the existing CRM system for Schöffel, identified pain points and created a new CRM strategy with customer personas and touchpoints. We recommended Salesforce marketing cloud as the best fit and our subsidiary Apracor implemented it. The new system efficiently collects and categorizes customer information for optimized communication.


The Result

A strong foundation to enable data-driven marketing

  • One-stop for all the data

    The Salesforce marketing cloud connects to third-party tools and syncs the previously scattered data into one system. 

  • Enabling Customer Segmentation

    Schöffel's CRM system can now segment its customers, according to their personas, to enable personalized marketing communication.

  • The Scoring Model effectively recognizes Potential leads

    Apracor set up a scoring model in the CRM system, that allows the marketers at Shöffel to identify where their customers are on their unique journeys. They can accordingly tailor their e-mails and offers to enhance their users' experiences with their brand. 


Looking into the future

Now that, Shöffel has a proper CRM strategy, and a base to communicate with its customer in a personalized manner, we are already working with Schöffel on a comprehensive content strategy, that will support them to bring their content strategy to the next level.

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