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Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality optical instruments with the longest range and highest precision in the premium segment of the market. Meanwhile, more than 1100 employees work for the company worldwide. The slogan "Constantly improving what is good" is reflected in all areas of the company, whether innovative technology or comprehensive services.
Therefore we became Swarvoski's growth partner to improve their customer experience and service. 

The Goal

A simple and intuitive customer journey for more sales

Until now, customer orders were placed by field service, telephone or mail. The team at Swarovski wanted to improve their service in the purchasing area for their customers.
Their objective was clear:

  • Uniform online store for all company divisions.
  • Clear & proper mapping of the extensive portfolio and different product lines

"When launching the new B2B e-commerce shop, it was particularly important to us that we could incorporate feedback that had already come to us directly from B2B customers via our country managers to provide a better customer experience. It was also our goal to make the shopping process, from login to check-out, as simple and intuitive as possible for our trading partners, so that we could also attract more customers to the online store."
- Team at Swarovski-OptikAG & Co KG

The Challenge

After working out the existing pain points together with SWAROVSKI OPTIK and SUNZINET, we identified the following challenges:

  1. SWAROVSKI OPTIK has a rather complex pricing structure due to the diverse product portfolio and the different dealer prices.
  2. They were unable to check the customer's financial status directly at check-out
  3. Integration of data such as price or inventory from the ERP system was not ideal.


Our Approach

After reviewing SWAROVSKI's existing technology landscape, challenges and goals, we realized that Salesforce B2B Commerce would be an ideal solution for them.

  • Therefore we first implemented the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud to streamline and automate the merchant buying process.
  • With Salesforce B2B Commerce solution, the ERP system can now be accessed via an interface to retrieve individually negotiated prices for each dealer in real time. This allows each retailer to view their specific conditions directly in the online store. 
  • The Individualization ability of B2B Commerce ensures transparent and customer-friendly pricing that meets the needs and requirements of each merchant.

The Result

Steady increase in sales since our Salesforce B2B Commerce implementation

Due to the continuous availability around the clock and the uncomplicated operation, the online store has become a great success. SWAROVSKI OPTIK's Orders have increased significantly compared to the previous system.

Meanwhile, more than 2000 retailers worldwide benefit from the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.


Due to the always fast and extremely competent support in various (very intensive) interface projects, such as the large company-wide ERP conversion, we as a customer have grown together closely with our consultants on the part of SUNZINET, which has also had a very positive influence on the cooperation in current (and future) projects.

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