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TÜV Hessen: 50% more applications with employer branding campaign

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TÜV Hessen is a globally active service company headquartered in Darmstadt, with over 60 locations across Hessen. The company's primary areas of focus include industry, mobility, and business assurance, with a team of around 1,400 employees.


The Goal

TÜV Hessen set the goal of being well-equipped against the shortage of skilled workers and increasing the declining number of applicants. SUNZINET came on board to implement a multichannel recruiting and employer branding campaign. The following goals were in focus:

  • Strengthening TÜV Hessen's employer brand
  • Increasing the number of applicants


The Challenge

As soon as the name TÜV was mentioned, many applicants thought of the TÜV inspector for cars. This was exactly where the challenge lay for the campaigns, as the following had to be considered in the planning and implementation:

  • Differentiation of TÜV Hessen from other TÜV offices (TÜV Süd, etc.)
  • Representing a diverse range of job offers
  • Reaching target groups through appropriate channels and with suitable content
  • Implementation in the shortest possible time

Challenge accepted!


Our Approach

In an initial kick-off meeting, the strengths and weaknesses of the brand were analyzed and the wishes of the target group were identified. We then created various personas in workshops to gain a deep understanding of what appeals to potential applicants when looking for a job.
The guiding idea "Making the world safer! Hessen without TÜV? Catastrophe!" was born.
Based on these insights, we developed a campaign concept and selected channels such as social media, LinkedIn, Xing and radio spots to reach the target group with pinpoint accuracy. Static ads, carousel ads, video ads and search ads were created and placed on various channels.

The success of the campaign was regularly monitored and optimized if necessary.

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The result

Increase in the number of applicants by 50%

Through an effective multichannel employer branding campaign, we successfully reached potential applicants at relevant touchpoints and in the right moment with TÜV Hessen within just 7 weeks.

The App features the following: 

  • 50% more applications compared to the previous year

Radiospots were played at high-frequency listening times on the radio to reach the broader audience and increase awareness for TÜV Hessen as an employer.


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