SUNZINET expands content technology with an offical dirico-partnership

The full service digital agency SUNZINET is an official partner of dirico (soon to be Staffbase) since November. dirico is a software company that has developed a content collaboration platform for marketing and corporate communications. SUNZINET thus offers its customers a holistic software solution for internal as well as external communication that contributes to a positive customer experience.


Customers benefit from central content collaboration platform 

Founder and CEO of dirico Sascha Böhr recognized the high importance of cross-channel content orchestration early on. The rapid growth of dirico is due, among other things, to the high demand for content and the increasing diversity of communication channels. 

With the content collaboration platform, companies can centrally plan, create and manage their content. Whether for marketing, internal or external communications, the software-as-a-service solution helps companies address their target groups appropriately. Thanks to interfaces, communication measures can be integrated on all channels.  

SUNZINET's customers benefit from the know-how of both partners. With the technology solution as well as years of experience in the digital industry, they aim to improve digital communication and deliver the best possible digital experiences to all stakeholders. 


Staffbase acquires majority stake in dirico and aims to create a complete solution for enterprise communications

Staffbase recently acquired a majority stake in dirico. Staffbase is one of the world's leading software providers for employee communications and also a partner of SUNZINET. The merger is intended to create a holistic solution for corporate communication teams in German-speaking countries. 

Communication has never been so important for companies. By combining dirico's planning solution in Staffbase's communication platform, we are creating a complete solution for communication teams that enables companies to communicate consistently at a new level, both internally and externally.''

Dr. Martin Böhringer CEO Staffbase

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