Digital Strategy

With a holistic digital strategy that puts a clear focus on end-to-end transformation, we help you meet your customers' needs in a targeted way and optimize your business model.  


Digital transformation for sustainable business success  

We deep dive into your business to discover the potential for growth and new business models. 
As a digital transformation agency, we optimize, automate and improve marketing, sales and operational processes to foster sustainable and  digital growth for your business. 

Our services for your digital challenges

We support you with our full-service approach. Be it an intuitive user experience that complements intelligent technology. Or in processes that recognize change and adapt to the needs of your customers and their own teams. 

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    Customer Experience Strategy

    With intelligent UX concepts and state-of-the-art UI design, we create a unique digital presence for you. Our measures are designed to ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your brand at all touchpoints. 

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    Brand Strategy

    Based on your corporate values, your visions and goals, we develop a brand positioning that serves as the foundation for all further communication measures. We combine your corporate design, corporate wording and corporate culture and create a unique brand.

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    Change Communication

    In joint workshops, changes are developed and prepared for internal communication. Our change communication experts know exactly how changes can be ideally communicated to employees so that they are accepted positively. 

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    Product Design

    Our project work is based on agile methods such as design thinking, value proposition design or lean startup. Always with the goal of making the functionality, the added value and the corporate design intuitively and sustainably recognizable for the user within a few seconds. 

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    Go-to-Market Strategy

    We implement your digital strategy professionally and holistically. In doing so, we leave nothing to chance. Data-driven, we measure the success of any measures. Thus, we guarantee the success of your campaigns and react quickly if, contrary to expectations, insufficient results emerge. 

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    Scoping Session

    During a scoping session, we jointly develop measures for your digitalization plans and projects. We advise you on campaigns as well as technologies. After the measures have been defined and the concept developed, we give you an overview for time and cost estimation. 

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Your advantages with us as a Digital Strategy Agency 

  • Years of experience in the digital industry 

    No matter what your digitalization project is, we know exactly how to target your digital marketing efforts. 

  • Fast time-to-market

    We use our expertise in analysis, UX design, development and project management to deliver marketable results as quickly as possible. 

  • Cost efficiency
    Leverage digital channels and tools for efficient and cost-effective service that enriches the overall customer experience. We support you with appropriate potential analyses and effective project planning to safeguard your investment decision. 
  • Implementing user- and datacentric strategies
    We track and analyze user data to enable digital strategies that improve the customer's experience.

We care & we deliver


SUNZINET's commitment is outstanding

"As a company, we have great tasks ahead of us in many areas. Together with sunzinet, we develop sustainable strategies and translate them into functioning new processes. Communication and consulting with the sunzinet colleagues is fun and always takes place at eye level."

Dr. Arnold Rajathurai Head of Corporate Communications, Bayer

Professional & outstanding effects

"We have been working with SUNZINET for several years and have successfully implemented various measures and projects. We have become well attuned to each other, so that together we continuously optimize our digital channels. Thus, we can excellently address and inform our customers worldwide with our modern internet presence."

Katrin Köster Head of Company Communication, BPW

With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years

"Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further, future projects!"

Carsten Huber Head of Marketing, Simonswerk

Our projects


Holistic consulting for Stage Entertainment

We proudly announce that SUNZINET has partnered with Stage Entertainment, one of the world's leading companies bringing stories like Hamilton and Alladin to life.
Stage Entertainment's goal is to respond faster to its customers and generate more leads. As a full-service digital agency, we provide Stage Entertainment with digital consulting and operational support for projects and day-to-day operations.


High quality of online presence for SIMONSWERK

A web presence at the highest level was to be created. This included the rollout in 12 countries worldwide based on TYPO3. The goal of the new website was to communicate and sustainably strengthen the internationality of the company. In addition, the new corporate identity was to drive market expansion.
And that's exactly what we did!


App for career guidance for 5.1 million students

App for the vocational orientation of 5.1 million students
Together with scientists and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we have digitized the analogue career choice passport in a native app.

Good relationships begin personally

Fill in now and we will get back to you by phone.

Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development

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  • What does digital transformation mean?

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    Digital transformation refers to the adoption of digital technologies by all areas of a company to bring about fundamental changes in the way the company works. It is the opportunity to define new types of working methods, optimize processes, introduce new types of business models and completely redesign the customer experience.  

    If digital transformation is successfully implemented, it can lead to efficiency gains, cost reductions, improvements in the customer experience, and the creation of sustainable competitive advantages. In addition, opportunities open up for companies in the marketplace through the creation of new business models and the use of digital disruptive technologies. 

  • Who needs digital strategy consulting?

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    It depends on whether you have the necessary skills, expertise and experience internally. If not, it's worth hiring an external consultant for your digital strategy. With an experienced partner, digital projects can be implemented more efficiently and successfully. 

  • What are the benefits of a digital strategy?

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    A digital strategy has many advantages. It depends on your project. Are you planning to digitize internal processes? Do you want to win new customers and strengthen customer relationships by optimizing the customer experience? Or are you aiming for external as well as internal digital changes?  

    Advantages of digitizing internal processes:  streamlined processes, satisfied employees, increased sales, faster time-to-market, development of new markets...  

    Benefits of digitization projects with regard to customers: new customer acquisition, lead generation, consolidation of existing customer relationships, higher sales figures, increase in turnover...