The digital agency SUNZINET is a Circle Partner of Open Telekom Cloud

Since May 2022, SUNZINET has been part of the Open Telekom Cloud Circle-Partner of Telekom Deutschland GmbH (Telekom Germany). This partnership is held by only a few companies in Germany. the Open Telekom Cloud is the largest European Public cloud server provider.

The security architecture meets the high requirements in Germany and at the same time offers maximum flexibility and future security thanks to OpenStack technology. These are good reasons for us to expand our partner portfolio. The Open Telekom Cloud is ideal for companies looking for a reliable and powerful cloud solution.


Data protection and security, but powerful

Whether consumers or companies - everyone is affected by data protection guidelines. The desire for security and trustworthy handling of data is a logical consequence in times of digital transformation. Many feel it is a loss of control as soon as data is placed in the hands of third parties. Yet transferring data to selected cloud providers has significant advantages. The Open Telekom Cloud handles all data in accordance with the European DSVGO regulation.

The open source solution OpenStack is used as the software basis. Before each data release, a public review takes place to check for errors and security gaps. 

In addition, the two data centers are located in Magdeburg/ Biere and Amsterdam. These data centers, 500 kilometers apart, are built according to the twin-core principle. The strictly guarded data fortresses are among the most powerful and secure in the world.


With OTC, SUNZINET relies on future-proof and transparent standard

To offer its customers a sustainable cloud solution, the digital agency SUNZINET has entered into a partnership with Telekom Deutschland (Germany). Open Telekom Cloud is ideal for companies looking for a reliable and powerful cloud solution. Especially in the customer branch of the public sector, the public cloud is an alternative to other providers.

More information about our partnership and the solutions we offer together with Open Telekom Group will soon be available on the Open Telekom Cloud website. 


The berufswahlapp relies on the sustainable cloud solution

The former Berufswahlpass was digitized as part of a nationwide education project. The outcome is the vocational orientation in pocket format for pupils in Germany - the berufswahlapp. SUNZINET is responsible for the design and technological implementation. The app with gamification elements is planned for scalability to over five million users. Agile software measures were developed to achieve this. Hosting takes place in Open Telekom Cloud. This not only ensures data security, but also high-performance processes.

As an exclusive Open Telekom Cloud Circle Partner, we are able to offer our customers one of the best cloud services worldwide: A high-performance and secure cloud in accordance with the European DSVGO standard and, in addition, flexibly adaptable to the infrastructure of ambitious digital solutions. Cloud made in Germany as its best!"


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