SUNZINET ranked 15th among owner-managed digital agencies in Germany

iBusiness deals with future research for interactive business. For the first time, it has published a ranking of owner-managed digital agencies in Germany. The full-service agency SUNZINET lands in 15th place. Owner-managed agencies are on the retreat - yet they are a valuable alternative. Medium-sized companies in particular benefit from them.


Transparent cooperation - the advantage of owner-managed agencies

The initiators of the ranking emphasize the importance of working at eye level in the context of owner-managed agencies. In agencies that are majority-owned by management, the focus is often on excellence rather than process optimization. Processes tend to be more transparent and agile. Agencies can take a more differentiated approach and look at clients individually.

Large network agencies also have many advantages. However, such companies are often subject to fixed structures. This makes it more difficult to work flexibly. Multi-level hierarchies usually go hand in hand with this. Whereas flat hierarchies are a characteristic of owner-managed agencies. It is not uncommon for the CEO to be involved in client meetings and to contribute his expertise to projects.


SUNZINET positions itself on the 15th place

With fee revenues of just over EUR 12 million in 2021, SUNZINET ranks 15th out of a total of 121 owner-managed digital agencies. Since its founding year in 1999, it has accompanied its clients in holistic solutions for the digital transformation process. It pursues a full-service approach and has a corresponding portfolio of services. Experience Platforms, CMS,Marketing Automation,Digital Marketing, E-Commerce,CRM or Digital Workplace. More than 170 employees are involved in customer projects along the digital value chain.

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