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Data-driven Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We developed a B2C strategy for Schöffel and implemented a data-driven CRM with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Two mobile screens show SUNZINET's client's website to communicate that SUNZINET has implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a CRM consulting agency

Accelerating Niedax brand presence with a Brand Relaunch

We led Niedax Group and its subsidiaries to a significant increase in website traffic, SEO vitals, and social media growth through a brand relaunch.

Niedax group website on a laptop screen - to communicate that as a full service digital agency, sunzinet implemented website relaunch and  digital marketing strategy for Niedax

Our projects


Biontech: Relaunch of an intranet for all employees

We implemented a mobile intranet for our client BioNtech to improve internal communication and support the company's enormous growth. The goal was to establish the digital tool as a central communication and knowledge hub and to connect employees holistically.

MicrosoftTeams-image (10)

36% more sales with an online-shop relaunch within 14 days

Leguano, a leading shoe supplier, faced technical issues when support for their old Magento online-shop system ended. Therefore, we relaunched their website with Shopware 6 within 2 weeks and provided provided end-to-end support including consulting, conception, development, content maintenance, and digital marketing. The result: leguano's website sales accelerated by 36%

Die geöffnete Berufswahlapp auf einem Handy mit einem bereits eingeloggten Benutzerkonto.

App for career guidance for 5.1 million students

App for the vocational orientation of 5.1 million students
Together with scientists and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we have digitized the analogue career choice passport in a native app.


Holistic consulting for Stage Entertainment

We proudly announce that SUNZINET has partnered with Stage Entertainment, one of the world's leading companies bringing stories like Hamilton and Alladin to life.
Stage Entertainment's goal is to respond faster to its customers and generate more leads. As a full-service digital agency, we provide Stage Entertainment with digital consulting and operational support for projects and day-to-day operations.

We care & we deliver


SUNZINET's commitment is outstanding

"As a company, we have great tasks ahead of us in many areas. Together with sunzinet, we develop sustainable strategies and translate them into functioning new processes. Communication and consulting with the sunzinet colleagues is fun and always takes place at eye level."

Dr. Arnold Rajathurai Head of Corporate Communications, Bayer

In SUNZINET we have found the optimal partner for the realisation of our corporate website.

"Because our all-round successful cooperation is characterised in particular by the spirit that is so important for coeo: dynamic and flexible, always striving for high quality and efficiency. This enabled us to position ourselves strongly in international competition in a very short time. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with further exciting challenges!"

Sebastian Ludwig Managing Director, Coeo

SUNZINET has already implemented our new website and now also our intranet

"We now have an employee platform that is intuitive to use and runs stably. Thanks to the new Digital Workplace, our employees can now network with each other even more effectively and we as a company are well positioned for the digital transformation."

Oliver Schaal Head of Communication and Public Relations, Rheinische Post Mediengruppe

The cooperation is always constructive and based on partnership."

"We experience SUNZINET as an important partner for the strategic and technical planning and implementation of our intranet. The cooperation is always constructive and based on partnership."

Kristina Streuff Head of Corporate Communications, Orthomol

The communication and consulting with SUNZINET colleagues is fun and always takes place at eye level

"As a company, we have major tasks ahead of us in many areas. Together with SUNZINET, we develop sustainable strategies and implement them in functioning new processes. "

Tim Tüßelmann Digital Marketing, Creditreform

We are more than satisfied with our new online store!

"The store is easy to use, looks very chic and has also extremely simplified the work of our colleagues. The cooperation with SUNZINET went smoothly and we got exactly the result we wanted."

Frank Wintergerst Head of E-Commerce, WOFI LEUCHTEN

We found the right partner in SUNZINET

"Thanks to SUNZINET, our intranet now meets the demands of a modern, intuitive and versatile intranet. We found the right partner in SUNZINET and were perfectly steered through this large project. The intranet has become a place for exchange and a sense of unity. For the corporate culture, a great success."

Johanna Steinke Head of Communication and Marketing, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement

We found the collaboration with SUNZINET on our first intranet to be very professional and cooperative

"The team at SUNZINET quickly understood what requirements needed to be met and together we created a helpful internal communication tool for our employees that supports us in our work every day and of which we are very proud. Collaboration and knowledge sharing in our company have improved significantly since the introduction of the new intranet - not least thanks to the intensive change communication."

Ann-Kathrin Krämer Head of Corporate Marketing, Art-Invest

With the decision for SUNZINET, we have made the right choice for our company

"A high quality of consulting for the new and further development of our website as well as great suggestions for new ways in inbound marketing with tools that help increase our efficiency and effectiveness - we are very satisfied and see ourselves well positioned for the future."

Dietmar Bernstein Senior Marketing Manager, Unger

leguano could not have found a better partner for the redesign of our store and the relaunch of the website

"We are completely thrilled with both the cooperation and the result! The team from SUNZINET was in permanent exchange with us and was thus able to react immediately to needs, wishes and challenges. The result: real added value. Many thanks for the patience during the development and the creative as well as professional advice during the implementation of our new modern brand appearance. We look forward to further joint projects!"

Fabian Welke Marketing Manager, Leguano

At SUNZINET, we appreciate the creativity and know-how in addition to the open communication.

"Our cooperation was characterised by the joint development of ideas and topics. Thanks to SUNZINET, we benefit from consulting and implementation in various areas, from CMS to web design to marketing automation."

Hans-Ingo Biehl CEO, Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement

Together with SUNZINET, we succeeded in bringing structure to our project

"To replace the existing intranet with a new, modern and above all up-to-date solution. For this, SUNZINET identified our needs, specified them and presented possible solution providers based on our requirements. Competent, cooperative, transparent and not to forget - very friendly. During the cooperation, it proved to be particularly valuable that SUNZINET is very broadly positioned due to its experience from many successful customer projects. Thanks to the cooperation with SUNZINET, we were finally able to select the right solution for us and gain clarity about how to proceed with the project."

Jörg Bartke Enterprise Architect, DuMont Mediengruppe

Many thanks for the helpful guidance!

"Within 3 months we created a new intranet in the standard of SharePoint Online - with the exception of two specifically developed web parts. I am very excited about everything that is possible in the standard and what new possibilities the intranet offers with the embedding in the Microsoft 365 world! On this first stage of the exciting learning journey, we were able to implement many things ourselves - in doing so, SUNZINET stood by us with open questions in the realisation and supported us in particular with the web parts "menu" and "sales figures" developed by them."

Melanie Giebel Collaboration Manager, Gerolsteiner Brunnen

The exchange is always constructive and appreciative, brings progress and is fun!

"We have a partnership-based, transparent and well-structured cooperation with SUNZINET, in which both sides contribute their expertise, experience and ideas."

Franziska Bittel Project Manager Marketing, Friedwald

With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years

"Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further, future projects!"

Carsten Huber Head of Marketing, Simonswerk

Professional & outstanding effects

"We have been working with SUNZINET for several years and have successfully implemented various measures and projects. We have become well attuned to each other, so that together we continuously optimize our digital channels. Thus, we can excellently address and inform our customers worldwide with our modern internet presence."

Katrin Köster Head of Company Communication, BPW

We ensure sustainable corporate growth

At SUNZINET we know that every company is unique. 
We find unique, sustainable and innovative solutions, always keeping in mind the challenges, goals and ambitions of your business.
As a full-service agency, we are responsible for evaluating the results of the strategy and optimizing it to enable accelerated growth of your business.

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Salesforce Health Check Agentur - 10 anzeichen für ein ineffizientes Salesforce-system

10 Anzeichen für ein ineffizientes Salesforce-System

  • Digital Marketing
  • Prozessautomation
  • CRM Systeme
Die Implementierung von Salesforce und die Etablierung unter den Mitarbeitenden könnte so einfach erscheinen. Doch auf die Implementierung folgen oft technische Herausforderungen und ungenutztes Potenzial. In diesem Blog beleuchten wir häufige Probleme bei ineffizienter Nutzung von Salesforce und deren Ursachen. Zudem zeigen wir, wie ein Salesforce Health Check Ihnen hilft, das Beste aus Ihrem System herauszuholen.
Produktivitätssteigerung durch optimierte Geschäftsabläufe

Produktivitätssteigerung durch optimierte Geschäftsabläufe

  • Digital Marketing
  • Prozessautomation
  • CRM Systeme
In der schnelllebigen Geschäftswelt sind Effizienz und Anpassungsfähigkeit der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Mit dem Wachstum Ihres Unternehmens sind Sie wahrscheinlich mit der Herausforderung immer komplexerer Prozesse konfrontiert worden, die die Entscheidungsfindung verlangsamen, die Kosten in die Höhe treiben und Ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit beeinträchtigen können. An dieser Stelle wird die Rationalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen zu einem entscheidenden Faktor für den Erfolg. In diesem Blog gehen wir...
Wie verschiedene KI-Lösungen Ihr Geschäft auf das nächste Level bringen können.

Wie verschiedene KI-Lösungen Ihr Geschäft auf das nächste Level bringen können.

  • E-Commerce
  • KI
  • Digitalstrategie
In unserer digital vernetzten Welt sind Online-Verkäufe unerlässlich für Ihr Unternehmen. Aber wie können Sie sich effektiv im ständig wandelnden E-Commerce-Umfeld bewegen? Genau hier setzt KI an. Angesichts der Flut an Daten, komplexen Entscheidungsprozessen und dem Bedürfnis nach Effizienz hilft KI dabei, Ihre Daten geschickt zu managen, bietet Ihnen wertvolle Erkenntnisse für fundierte Entscheidungen und automatisiert Prozesse, um Ihre Gesamteffizienz zu erhöhen. In diesem Blogbeitrag wird...
Mehr Umsatz durch weniger Arbeit? Möglich. Mit Marketing Automation im E-Commerce!

Mehr Umsatz durch weniger Arbeit? Möglich. Mit Marketing Automation im E-Commerce!

  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing Automation
Stell dir vor, du könntest mithilfe eines zentralen Prozesses E-Mail-Marketing betreiben, Leads zu generieren und die Conversion Rate steigern. Das alles und noch viel mehr ist bereits möglich – dank Marketing Automation. Automatisierte Workflows sind eine hervorragende Möglichkeit, in deinem Online-Shop mehr Leads generieren und effektiv deinen Umsatz zu steigern. Dynamische Inhalte sorgen zudem für eine nahtlose Customer Experience. Erfahre hier, wie du mit Marketing Automation aus...
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Salesforce Health check Agency - Signs your saleforce is not performing efficiently

10 Signs of an Inefficient Salesforce System

  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM Systems
  • Process Automation
The implementation of Salesforce and its integration among employees might seem straightforward. However, post-implementation often brings technical challenges and untapped potential. In this guide, we shed light on common issues with inefficient Salesforce usage and their causes. Additionally, we illustrate how a Salesforce Health Check can assist you in maximizing your system's potential.
Enhancing Productivity through Streamlined Business Processes

Enhancing Productivity through Streamlined Business Processes

  • CRM Systems
  • Process Automation
In the fast-paced business world, efficiency and adaptability are key to success. As your company grows, you’ve likely encountered the challenge of increasingly complex processes, which can slow decision-making, drive up costs, and hinder your competitiveness. This is where streamlining business processes emerges as a pivotal game-changer. In this blog, we’ll explore why streamlining is crucial and the problems that arise when processes aren’t optimized. We’ll also discuss how automation can...
Using AI to Power Intelligent Chatbots for Companies

Using AI to Power Intelligent Chatbots for Companies

  • AI
Using AI to Power Intelligent Chatbots for Companies
How to prepare your organization for AI implementation

How to prepare your organization for AI implementation

  • AI
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries across the globe, offering immense potential for businesses to enhance their operations and achieve unprecedented levels of effectiveness. However, before diving into AI deployment, organizations must adequately prepare themselves to maximize the benefits and overcome potential challenges. We will explore essential steps to effectively prepare your company for AI implementation.
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