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Based in Stamford, USA, AIFS has been a pioneer in educational travel since 1964. With over 1.75 million young individuals benefiting, AIFS has expanded international educational horizons. With global offices, including one in Germany, AIFS combines personalized guidance with tailored study abroad programs to ensure unique international experiences.

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The Project

Converting concerns into an opportunity to drive growth

AIFS's website was hosted on TYPO3 and their support for TYPO3 was about to expire. Concerns over the expiring support of the previous CMS and potential security risks led AIFS to seek improvements in digital design, mobile app focus, and CMS-CRM alignment.
As a longstanding growth partner of AIFS, we jumped into the project to offer consultation on achieving their goals and implementing the new website. 

Together we used the expiry of their TYPO3 support system as an opportunity where our goal was clear:

  • The Goal: Expand market share through targeted engagement and automated customer support.

Our Approach

As TYPO3 did not provide the capabilities AIFs Educational Travel needed for a stronger web presence, we jointly decided to embark on a website relaunch using HubSpot CMS. Together, we upgraded the website as follows: 

  • Develop a target-Oriented Web design:

    We developed the website with a vibrant design and clean layout to effectively captivate AIFS's target group of young adults and students. 

  • Optimize Customer Journey:
    Our CX experts ensure that the website is user-friendly, and enables a seamless journey from initial discovery to booking. We focused on making this booking process a smooth and efficient experience right from the homepage.
  • Set up efficient data flow and database linking:
    We've seamlessly linked the website's backend, integrating program overviews, destination details, and the booking tool. This ensures efficient, secure interactions among the booking system, CMS, and CRM, boosting efficiency and data security.
  • Integrate process automation:
    The new CMS is built for longevity, incorporating automation to streamline operations and maintain long-term efficiency.

Each element of our approach was carefully crafted to align with and enable AIFS's goals, leading to a successful digital transformation.

A fresh, visually appealing design tailored for Gen-Z sets AIFS apart competitively and fosters trust within its target audience.

AIFS Customer project - Agency for Website relaunch with HubSpot CMS - SUNZINET

Better overview of the programs to drive more conversions

AIFS Customer project screenshot to show better program overview - Agency for Website relaunch with HubSpot CMS - SUNZINET

Enabling a smooth interaction between the booking tool, the CMS, and the CRM system, enhancing efficiency and data security.

AIFS Project - Agency for System integration SUNZINET
AIFS Project - Agency for lead generation sunzinet

Our Results

A significant transformation in AIFS's digital strategy.

  • 46% increase in the number of leads created per day in December, compared to December 2022 and 13% increase in program bookings in the same period.
  • Increase in AIFS's operational efficiency with process automation that saves them time and sets a solid foundation for growth.
  • Enhanced service delivery via an efficient CMS and CRM Integration
  • Reduced business costs by using HubSpot as a SaaS solution.

As AIFS's digital partner, we were able to help them navigate complex digital landscapes. These strategic advancements have collectively elevated our customer's digital presence, aligning it with contemporary standards and positioning it for future success.

See our work in action! 
Go to the AIFS website 🡵

AIFS Website Relaunch Happy Customers

What AIFS has to say!

Our brand new website is online – and of course it wants to be celebrated! 🙌🥂

In 10 months of intensive hard work, we have not only revised the design, but have also completely moved to HubSpot in order to interact with our users even more efficiently and purposefully in the future.
We are very proud of the result and are happy about a much more modern, appealing website that also convinces in terms of user experience. Of course, we also took the opportunity to pop the corks for Happy Friday. 🍾

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