205% Increase in Qualified leads generated through Website Relaunch with HubSpot

Appmatics - Website Relaunch - Digitalagentur - SUNZINET
Hubspo CMS Website Relaunch SUNZINET

Appmatics is a leading quality assurance (QA) company specializing in enhancing the quality of digital products while saving time and costs. The company boasts a team of experts and certified in-house testers who provide comprehensive QA services for digital products across various platforms, including iOS and Android. With an extensive device pool, including smartphones, tablets, and various browsers, Appmatics ensures that digital products perform seamlessly on a variety of devices and platforms.

Appmatics - Website Relaunch - Digitalagentur SUNZINET

The Project

Pre-Relaunch Challenges: Low audience engagement, ineffective design & low leads

Before the website relaunch, the Appmatics team encountered challenges in effectively engaging their target audiences on their existing website. Issues such as inadequate information architecture, outdated design, and insufficient user guidance posed significant hurdles

In response to these challenges, the Appmatics team approached us with the following objectives:

  • Upgrade the (UX) design to a modern standard, enhancing the user experience.
  • Present Appmatics' portfolio comprehensively and user-friendly on the website.
  • Increase lead generation.
Appmatics - Website Relaunch HubSpot - Digitalagentur SUNZINET

Project Goal

Transforming the website into a hub for lead generation and fostering growth

To optimize the new website for Appmatics, two main goals were at the forefront:

We selected HubSpot as the CMS and marketing software for Appmatics because it aligned well with Appmatics' goals and technological landscape. HubSpot offers benefits such as the use of first-party data and cookies, seamless integration with Salesforce CRM, integrated A/B testing, and a robust system for efficient marketing automation, lead qualification, and customer retention.

Appmatics - Website Relaunch - Digitalagency SUNZINET

Our Approach

Our project included the following steps:

  • Improving the User Experience (UX):  We developed a new UX design to intuitively guide website visitors through the pages and provide an engaging experience.
  • Content Migration from WordPress to HubSpot: We smoothly migrated website content from WordPress to HubSpot.
  • Seamless integration between HubSpot CMS and a CRM system
    HubSpot's implementation enabled a seamless connection between the CMS and CRM (Salesforce) to leverage CRM data for personalized content and marketing automation, ensuring alignment between marketing and sales.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: We implemented an effective CTA strategy and built a lead funnel to maximize conversion rates.
  • Lead Segmentation: In the first quarter after go-live, a total of 6,000 contacts were maintained in HubSpot and organized into various lists. This allows Appmatics to effectively reach their customers with personalized marketing, create lead funnels, and engage their customers.

Throughout the project, we regularly coordinated with Appmatics to address individual requirements promptly.

Appmatics - Website Relaunch - Digitalagency - SUNZINET

Instant Results

A Website that Efficiently Generates Customers

The website relaunch with HubSpot showed significant improvements shortly after go-live:

Appmatics - Website Relaunch HubSpot - Digital Agency SUNZINET

Results for the long-term

A Website that supports sustainable growth

In the long term, Appmatics also benefits from these advantages, further strengthening its position in the market

  • Sustainable growth: Continuous improvements in conversion rates will lead to ongoing growth in the customer base and revenue.
  • Enhanced customer relationships: Improved data quality enables the company to address customer needs more precisely, fostering long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Strategic decision-making: Enhanced data collection provides valuable insights crucial for future business strategies and adjustments.

To support our client's continuous growth, we plan to conduct regular strategy reviews, ongoing adjustments, and optimizations of the utilized HubSpot features. Additionally, we aim to implement advanced analytics tools and automation functions to further enhance efficiency and explore new market opportunities for the client.


*Images were provided by Appmatics.

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