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About Volksbank Immobilien

Volksbank has an innovative spin-off for the real-estate market, called Volksbank Immobilien or Vobahome GmbH. It is dedicated to maximizing the potential of capital locked in real estate. They offer a range of products for end customers and brokers, including immediate sales, partial sales, and their flagship product, Immoliquid. The platform Vobahome.de serves as a central hub, uniting all real estate services market stakeholders. 


Business Challenges

Disconnected technology landscape leading to lack of data insights, operational inefficiencies & slower growth

Before working with SUNZINET, Volksbank Immobilien struggled with the following issues due to their scattered systems: 

  • Data Disorganization: They had difficulty combining and organizing data from different projects because there was no central system in place. 
  • Operational Inefficiency: This lack of a unified platform made managing operations smoothly across various channels and products hard. 
  • Customer Relationship Challenges: The disorganized data and inefficient processes made managing and growing customer relationships difficult. 
  • Difficulty in Scaling: These problems also made it challenging for Volksbank Immobilien to expand its services effectively.

Our Approach

We developed a comprehensive digital solution for Volksbank Immobilien that enhances customer experience, boosts conversion rates, improves efficiency, and provides data insights - all while supporting scalable business growth.

  • SalesC-ExprerienceC

    We deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud as the backbone CRM system to ensure robust data management and customer relationship handling.

  • Mein_Portal_EN

    We developed two dedicated portals, Volksbank-immoliquid.de and vobahome.de, utilizing the Salesforce Experience Cloud.  

    These portals boost customer experience through a user-friendly interface that simplifies access to services. They also enhance customer service by consolidating all customer data onto a single platform, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

    Learn more about what are customer-centric B2B E-commerce portals and how they can optimize your sales processs 🡪

  • CRO

    We implemented individual product microsites within the portals for quick visibility and easy customer access. These portals included a significant no-code component, enhancing adaptability and allowing Vobahome GmbH to make fast updates without specialized technical support. 

  • Image_Mo

    Our project approach was rooted in agile methodology, enabling us to remain flexible and responsive to the evolving needs and detailed requirements of the project. This method facilitated continuous improvement and alignment with the client’s goals throughout the development process.

Microsites_02 Microsites_03 Microsites_04

Deep diving into our solution

How Implementing Microsites enables higher customer attraction and retention for Volksbank Immobilien:

Microsites are small, targeted websites focused on a specific campaign, product, or service. They operate either as standalone sites or as subdomains of a larger site, and they're designed to function independently, often with their own unique branding and messaging tailored to a specific audience or purpose. 

Implementing individual product Microsites within portals like Volksbank-immoliquid.de and vobahome.de brings their team the following benefits: 

  • Targeted Marketing: Each microsite was customized to highlight specific product features, directly engaging the intended audience and boosting customer interest. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Microsites focused on single products, simplifying navigation and enhancing user engagement. 
  • Rapid Deployment to maintain the competitive edge: Microsites were launched quickly, allowing for timely promotion of new offerings and maintaining a competitive edge. 
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Easy updates and modifications were possible with no-code microsites, efficiently accommodating market changes and customer feedback. 
  • Effective Tracking and Analytics: Microsites facilitated detailed tracking of marketing campaigns and user interactions, enhancing strategic insights for their marketing and sales team. 



Value we generated for the customer

Following the implementation of our digital solutions, Volksbank Immobilien now has the following capabilities:

  • Faster Decision-Making & better resource management: 
    Centralized data management enhances resource management and positions Volksbank Immobilien for agile market responses. 
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and retention:  
    The improved user interface in the customer portal leads to greater loyalty and a potential increase of 45% in repurchases. 
  • Higher Conversion Rates to generate more leads and customers:
    Strategic focus through targeted microsites effectively boosts conversion rates, enhancing the precision and impact of marketing efforts. 
  • Seamless Expansion without limitations: 
    Our scalable solutions foster sustainable growth and innovation, allowing Volksbank Immobilien to expand without the limitations of previous systems. 
  • Quick Market Entry enabling competitiveness:  
    Streamlined processes reduce time-to-market, keeping Volksbank Immobilien competitive. 

In a nutshell

The strategic implementation of these technological solutions addresses Volksbank Immobilien’s challenges and lays a solid foundation for its future growth and innovation.  

By centralizing services, implementing product microsites, and enhancing customer engagement through digital platforms – Volksbank Immobilien now has a sustainable and scalable digital landscape that accelerates its growth.  


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