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Empowering Growth through Enhanced Reporting and Streamlined Operations

Bucher Automation AG, formerly Jetter AG, is a leading provider of automation systems in various industries of industrial and mobile automation. The global company is headquartered in German with branches in Italy, Hungary and China.

They develop, distribute, and install programmable logic controllers (PLCs), consisting of both hardware and software.

Until now, Bucher Automation AG used Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise, however, they wanted to improve their reporting capabilities and gain business insights from all customer projects. Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics can sometimes be challenging due to a number of factors. Bucher Automation AG came to the realisation that in order to drive business growth, a foundation of data must be created through which informed decisions can be made.

This is where SUNZINET came into play.


The Challenge

In order to provide Bucher Automation AG with an improved reporting system, the following tasks were jointly defined:
Implement a new CRM system and integrate it seamlessly with the Navision ERP system.
Ensure that the implementation of a new CRM system does not hinder ongoing operations.

  1. Introducing a new CRM system and seamlessly integrating it with the Navision ERP system. 
  2. Ensuring that implementing a new CRM system doesn't hinder with regular operations.
As a growth partner of Bucher, our goal was to create a solid foundation that facilitates advanced reporting and promotes the further development of the company.


Our Approach

After a thorough analysis of Bucher Automation AG's business and processes, we consulted them to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud as their CRM system.
As a full-service CRM-Agency, we took the following steps to ensure a smooth Salesforce Sales cloud implementation: 

  • Existing legacy data from Microsoft Dynamics was migrated to the Salesforce Sales cloud. 
  • The integration between MS Dynamics and Navision ERP was replaced with a Salesforce-to-Navision-ERP integration, via RapidiOnline.
  • We implemented Email integration with Office 365 and single sign-on with Azure AD to increase security, simplify access management, and improve user experience.

Furthermore, we ensured that during the integration of the new CRM system and migrating of the data, the management, key account managers, sales managers and field staff can access all information seamlessly and without any interruptions to their regular operations.


The Result

  • With a simple push of a button, the management and employees of Bucher Automation AG now have direct access to a consistent reporting tool. This enables them to gain deep insights into their business analyses and make informed decisions based on data. 
  • A central data repository has been created for all sales staff. This facilitates collaboration, efficient reporting and grants customer insights, improving overall efficiency and personalised interactions. 
  • The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud led to the reintroduction of key elements such as lead processes and opportunity management, which standardised sales processes.

Through the Salesforce Sales Cloud, topics such as lead processes and opportunity management were relaunched. This has created a valuable basis for further optimisation of the processes. As a top-on, opportunities have been established as the lynchpin of sales work. 

With this robust platform, Bucher Automation AG is ready to take its business to the next level!

The high flexibility of the team was a very important success factor in our project. No matter what hurdles arose, whether at Salesforce, Microsoft or Bucher internally, the right triggers were found and set at short notice to overcome them. For example, the necessary competencies were involved. Proactive communication was also practised with interface partners, which made this project's experience even more valuable.

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