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"UKK Aktuell" App: Optimized internal communication in just 4 months

University Hospital Cologne

App Launch for Efficient Internal Communication

As the largest and most renowned hospital in Cologne, the University Hospital Cologne serves not only over 490,000 patients annually but is also responsible for over 12,000 employees.

The Project

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our longstanding client faced the challenge of ensuring effective internal communication. To meet this need, we were tasked with conceiving and developing a news app.

Through our long-term collaboration with the University Hospital Cologne, we were well-equipped to support as a full-service agency.

The following goals were set:

  • Implementation of a "Mobile First" approach for an optimal user experience.
  • Ensuring a swift implementation through the use of a full-service and MVP approach.
  • Meeting the set deadline of 4 months.


The Challenge

Primarily, the app was intended to facilitate efficient communication and administration through a portable digital solution. However, being a product of a healthcare provider, it had to adhere to special data protection policies and meet high security requirements as a self-hosted service. We also paid special attention to the existing system landscape and editorial processes. The following technical conditions had to be considered in the programming:
  • Backend runs on TYPO3-CMS
  • Middleware-Frontend: Laravel
  • App Frontend: Vue.js, Capacitor, Ionic (PWA / Android / iOS)


Our Approach

To strategically integrate all requirements into a functional user interface, we pursued the Full-Service approach. In close collaboration, our system architects, UX/UI experts, as well as frontend and backend developers quickly developed the Progressive App for employees. It seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape, allowing posts from the TYPO3 intranet to be easily found and read. This Single Point of Truth provided everyone with swift access to the latest and accurate COVID-19 regulations.

And that's not all: The MVP app is also scalable and can be expanded for interested audiences from the public. The perfect foundation for enhancing external communication and strengthening brand positioning!


The Result

Optimized internal communication in just 4 months.

In just 4 months, "UKK Aktuell" went live. Thanks to flawless conception and implementation processes, the tight deadline was met. The result continues to impress even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, employees can easily stay informed about current events in the company without significant effort or the need for intranet access. The response after the Go-Live was remarkable:

  • More than 50,000 page views in the first six months 
  • Over 500 TYPO3 news sent since Go-Live

We look forward to further projects in collaboration with the University Hospital Cologne.

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