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Social Media Marketing Agency 

Need a social media strategy that's data-driven to help you increase brand awareness, build trust with your customers, and generate new leads? We got you!

Our services as a social media marketing agency 

Whether it's a LinkedIn strategy, Facebook, XING, Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram, we'll provide customized content to match your target audience and marketing goals.

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    Social Media strategy

    Our experts develop a customized social media strategy that is precisely tailored to your company's goals. We define target groups, select suitable platforms and develop content strategies to position your company optimally in social media.

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    Content Management

    We take care of the maintenance of your social media profiles, including the planning, creation and publication of target group and channel-specific content to successfully present your brand on social media, attract new customers and establish a community.

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    Profile Creation & Optimization

    Our experts create and optimize your social media profiles to build a consistent and attractive brand presence. We pay attention to an appealing design, a consistent brand message and relevant content to stay in the mind of your target audience and build trust.

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    Reputation Management

    We monitor and maintain your company's reputation on social media channels. Through social listening, we learn how people are talking about your brand so we can respond to customer reviews, comments and feedback in a timely manner. We help you build and maintain a positive online reputation over the long term.
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    Community Management

    Our community management team is also available on weekends and evenings to respond promptly to requests, comments and messages from your social media community. We speak your language and help your community with questions. In this way, we make sure your followers feel heard, valued and well cared for, turning customers into fans and strengthening the bond with your brand.

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    We offer trainings and workshops on various aspects of social media marketing to empower your team and build internal competencies. We impart practical knowledge based on cases, develop a strategy together with your team and derive the next operational steps to exploit the full potential of social media.

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    Social Media Reporting

    Our social media reporting provides you with individual and detailed analyses and insights into your social media activities. We measure the success of your profiles and campaigns, analyze user behavior and provide you with valuable conclusions to continuously optimize your social media strategy.

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    Social Ads

    Our team develops, manages, analyzes and optimizes paid social media ads to increase reach and engagement with your content. We use targeted targeting options, do A/B testing and work data-driven to effectively target your audiences and maximize the success of your ads - for more sales and more leads.

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    Employer Branding

    Up-and-coming talent is often no longer actively looking for a new job. They are introduced to jobs among companies through social media. From active sourcing to employer branding, social recruiting is a great lever for your employer brand. We position your company, raise your profile and help grow your team with targeted organic content and paid campaigns.

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Your advantages with us as your social media marketing agency   

  • Authentic social media presence 

    We always keep your business model and your goals in mind when creating the concept. This is the only way to ensure an authentic social media presence.  

  • 360-degree expertise from a single source 

    Our team of copywriters, content marketers, designers and video experts ensures concentrated professionalism in implementation. The Digital Marketing Department scans social media successes through KPIs and derives measures for optimization. 

  • Success measurement and reporting for continuous optimization  

    We measure your social media marketing success using defined KPIs. In monthly reports, we analyze current figures, derive further measures from them and implement them.  

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Convert your followers into leads 

The right strategy for the success of your social media channels
Social media trends are fast-moving. To ensure a balance between trends and an authentic social media presence, the approach should be well thought out.

As your social media agency, we take care of the strategy, support and maintenance of your social media channels. Our experts combine their knowledge of content strategies, branding and platforms and help you with measures that promote success:  

  • Addressing users on relevant social media channels in a way that is tailored to the target group 
  • Building trust in your brand 
  • Customer acquisition thanks to building brand preference for your product or service 
  • Converting your audience into leads

We care & we deliver


With the decision for SUNZINET, we have made the right choice for our company

"A high quality of consulting for the new and further development of our website as well as great suggestions for new ways in inbound marketing with tools that help increase our efficiency and effectiveness - we are very satisfied and see ourselves well positioned for the future."

Dietmar Bernstein Senior Marketing Manager, Unger

At SUNZINET, we appreciate the creativity and know-how in addition to the open communication.

"Our cooperation was characterised by the joint development of ideas and topics. Thanks to SUNZINET, we benefit from consulting and implementation in various areas, from CMS to web design to marketing automation."

Hans-Ingo Biehl CEO, Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement

The exchange is always constructive and appreciative, brings progress and is fun!

"We have a partnership-based, transparent and well-structured cooperation with SUNZINET, in which both sides contribute their expertise, experience and ideas."

Franziska Bittel Project Manager Marketing, Friedwald

In SUNZINET we have found the optimal partner for the realisation of our corporate website.

"Because our all-round successful cooperation is characterised in particular by the spirit that is so important for coeo: dynamic and flexible, always striving for high quality and efficiency. This enabled us to position ourselves strongly in international competition in a very short time. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with further exciting challenges!"

Sebastian Ludwig Managing Director, Coeo

With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years

"Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further, future projects!"

Carsten Huber Head of Marketing, Simonswerk

Ready for a strong social media presence?

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Business Development

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  • When does a social media strategy make sense for my company?

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    A social media strategy for your company makes sense when you want to increase your presence and visibility in social media in a targeted way to effectively address your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. A social media strategy will allow you to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, drive traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales. A social media agency, such as SUNZINET can help you develop and implement a customized strategy by contributing their expertise in content creation, community management, ad optimization and social media analytics. With professional help, you can plan, implement and analyze your social media activities more effectively to achieve sustainable success in social media.

  • What capacities do I need to implement a good social media presence?

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    In order to implement an effective social media presence, it is important to plan for appropriate capacities. This includes the time needed to regularly create high-quality content and maintain the social media channels. It is also advantageous to have knowledge of social media marketing or, if necessary, to prepare for it through training and continuing education. However, if you do not have sufficient resources internally or want professional support, you can also consider a social media agency. Such an agency can help you develop a tailored social media strategy, create engaging content, and measure success to best implement your social media presence.
  • Which social media strategy is suitable for which channel?

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    Choosing the right social media strategy for a particular channel depends on a number of factors. For Facebook, a strategy that focuses on building an engaged community, sharing relevant content, and using targeted ads is suitable. On Instagram, the focus is often on visually appealing content and building an aesthetic brand presence. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is particularly useful for professional networking, sharing expertise, and participating in industry-relevant discussions. Twitter enables quick and direct communication with the target audience, while YouTube is an ideal platform for video content and storytelling. It is important to consider the individual characteristics and user behavior of each channel in order to develop the appropriate strategy and exploit the channel's full potential. If necessary, a social media agency can also provide support and help with the selection and implementation of strategies.

  • What are important key figures in social media marketing?

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    As in all other areas of digital marketing, there are a considerable number of metrics in social media marketing. The most important metrics are as follows: 

    • Engagement Rate (ER) / Interaction Rate
    • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 
    • Impressions
    • (Potential) reach. 
    • Impressions vs. reach
    • Contact price per thousand / cost-per-mille (CPM)
    • Click-through rate (CTR) 
    • Cost per lead (CPL)