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FriedWald increases e-commerce performance with sunzinet

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The new online shop of FriedWald GmbH is live! For the provider of forest burials we have implemented both the website and the online shop with TYPO3 software. Now the information about products, location, prices and the general FriedWald concept is presented in an understandable way. In addition, the sensitive topic of burial is appropriately illustrated on all launched platforms. With the relaunch, the company is significantly optimizing its e-commerce performance.

FriedWald Website and Onlineshop from sunzinet

Flexible adaptation of product information

Both the website and the online shop were implemented with TYPO3 software in order to clearly convey the necessary product, location and price characteristics and the general FriedWald concept. In the new online shop, the price models of the trees are clearly listed according to location. Here the company has the possibility to individualize the data according to the location. Thus, special features or deviations can be flexibly adjusted.  

Successful usability with expressive design

The new FriedWald website is designed to meet the different needs of the various target groups and allows quick orientation. In addition, the special features of FriedWald's locations throughout Germany are presented in an understandable way on both platforms. A harmonious design language with panoramic views of the forests and trees sensitively communicates the topic of burial. 


Last update: 04.02.2020

Web portal // CMS // Experience platform E-Commerce

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