Power Automate

Process automation in Microsoft 365

With the low-code solution Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), you can create automated workflows for processes - easily and without developer knowledge. All you have to do is specify what triggers a certain action and what should happen afterwards. In addition, Power Automate communicates with all your other MS365 tools -  e.g. SharePoint, Forms or Outlook. Furthermore, Microsoft Power Automate enables you to set up cross-platform workflows effectively and precisely by means of connectors.

Want to streamline workflows in MS365 with Power Automate?

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Microsoft Power Automate - Workflows for everyday processes

Make your everyday work easier - with Power Automate Microsoft. The tool supports you in your daily tasks: For example, have an email sent to your Outlook or Gmail inbox when something has been posted to a certain hashtag or to your company on Twitter. Or automatically save a conversation transcript created in OneDrive as a copy in the corresponding team room in SharePoint - so that your colleagues also have convenient access to it.

Document approval processes are also easy to create with Power Automate Microsoft. This allows you to have multiple reviewers automatically review and approve the document and notify the author.

All in all, Power Automate offers countless, efficient options that make your everyday work much easier - true to the Microsoft slogan: "Working smarter, so you can work less and do more!" ("Work smarter, so you can work less and get more done!").

You would like to use the potential of your MS365 holistically with our agency via Power Automate?