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+20 years of experience, 160 employees across 3 countries

Salesforce Service Cloud Agency

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  • SUNZINET: 1 out of 7 Salesforce license resellers in Germany

    With 20+ years of Salesforce experience, we developed in-depth industry knowledge and best-practice approaches to support your customer service.
    As one of the few Salesforce license resellers in Germany, we are your single point of contact for consultation, implementation, license procurement, upgrades, and renewals.

  • Our Services

    We provide comprehensive support in service process optimization and customer experience management. With expertise in Service Cloud implementation, we unify customer data, automate processes, and enhance agent productivity and customer satisfaction for revenue growth.

  • Why implement Salesforce Service Cloud?
    With Salesforce Service Cloud, you can provide personalized customer service through self-service options, omnichannel care, and targeted support. As experienced Service Cloud experts, we help you find and implement the ideal setup for your company.
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salesforce certified Business Analyst Expert
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Salesforce zertifizierte Field Service Consultant - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
Zertifizierter Salesforce Platform App Builder - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
Zertifizierter Sales Cloud Consultant - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
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Zertifizierte Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Spezialisten - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
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Zertifizierte Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
Akkreditiert Salesforce Indirect Sales
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Our goal: Enabling exceptional customer service 

We help businesses professionalize their customer service in the digital world.

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    Salesforce Service Cloud consulting

    We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and provide consultation on how you can enhance your service processes and technological landscape for optimal results.

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    Our certified experts handle the implementation and configuration of Salesforce Service Cloud, ensuring ideal support for your processes.
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    Managed Services

    Stay focused on core objectives and achieve sustainable success with our managed services. 
    We go beyond Service Cloud implementation and ensure
    smooth system operation, system stability and optimized performance for increased efficiency.

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    Custom solution development

    Our developers assist in creating tailor-made applications on the Salesforce platform, implementing even complex individual requirements. They program both front-end applications like Lightning Web Components and Visualforce, as well as backend modules using Apex directly on the platform.

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    Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

    We integrate other technology solutions with Salesforce Service Cloud. We seamlessly connect ERP, PIM, e-commerce, and accounting systems using established middleware or custom programming with REST or SOAP web services.

Our clients

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Salesforce Service Cloud Agency - SUNZINET

Salesforce Service Cloud Prices & Editions

As a fully comprehensive ticket system, the Service Cloud enables excellent customer service through self-service options, omni-channel support and targeted assistance
  • Starter 25€

    per user/month*
    (annual billing)
    • Ready-to-use CRM for up to 10 users
    • Flexible license costs depending on the number of users
    • Various editions
  • Professional 80€

    per user/month*
    (annual billing)
    • Complete CRM for teams of any size
    • Flexible license costs depending on the number of users
    • Various editions
  • Enterprise 165€

    per user/month*
    (annual billing)
    • Flexibly customizable CRM for sales
    • Flexible license costs depending on the number of users
    • Various editions
  • Unlimited 330€

    per user/month*
    (annual billing)
    • Unlimited CRM functions and support
    • Flexible license costs depending on the number of users
    • Various editions

A few of our experts


Christoph Eschweiler

CRM Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect
  • Zertifizierter Sales Cloud Consultant - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
Markus Manhart zertifizierter Salesforce Experte bei salesforce beratung agentur SUNZINET

Markus Manhart

Salesforce Consultant
  • Sales-Cloud-Consultant-1
  • Strategy Designer-2
  • Zertifizierter Sales Cloud Consultant - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
Miriam Kleinlercher - Salesforce Consultant - Salesforce agentur SUNZINET

Miriam Kleinlercher

Salesforce Consultant
  • Zertifizierter Sales Cloud Consultant - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
  • Sales-Cloud-Consultant-1
  • Strategy Designer-2

Your benefits with us as Salesforce experts

  • Strong partnership with Salesforce
    As an official Salesforce partner for well over 10 years, we have access to extensive resources, including technical support and best practices. This allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions and effectively address implementation challenges.
  • 1 out of 7 Salesforce license resellers in Germany
    We are your single point of contact for Salesforce Service Cloud consultation, implementation, license procurement, upgrades, and renewals.
  • More than 20 years of industry experience in CRM projects
    We have developed a database of best-practice approaches & solutions across various sectors. We can tailor these solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your customer services. 
  • Full-Service Agency - no stone will remain unturned
    As a full-service agency, we provide a comprehensive range of digitalization services, covering service, e-commerce, intranet, websites, and more. We are your growth partners who will optimize all the touch points to ensure an increase in agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

Optimize your service process, reduce efforts & increase revenue

Simply fill out the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours on week days.

Lukas Kamm - CRM & Digital Marketing - SUNZINET
Lukas Kamm
Business Development

+49 221 / 355 009 0

  • What do I need the Salesforce Service Cloud for?

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    The Salesforce Service Cloud offers a diverse range of features that allow you to enhance and optimize your service and support processes. With integrated omni-channel routing, telephony, and messaging, as well as the use of milestones and SLAs, you have the ability to support and customize your service processes effectively. By leveraging the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can improve the efficiency of your service operations while ensuring your customers receive the best possible support.

  • What sets the Service Cloud apart from other CRM service systems?

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    The Service Cloud distinguishes itself from many other systems on the market by not just being a simple ticketing system, but seamlessly integrating into the Salesforce CRM portfolio, including the Sales Cloud. Its immense strength lies in its deep integration with additional solutions. As a result, the Service Cloud becomes a strategic component of your enterprise platform, continuously expanding and adapting to changing market conditions. It enables comprehensive connectivity and collaboration across different areas of your business, leading to more efficient and holistic customer support.

  • What additional service modules are available?

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    The Service Cloud provides an extremely powerful foundation that is relevant to a wide range of customers. Additionally, it offers extensions such as Field Service (formerly known as Field Service Lightning or FSL), which can enhance the functionality of the Service Cloud. This extension enables features such as appointment scheduling, maintenance management, asset management, technician dispatching, and parts movement. By integrating Field Service into the Service Cloud, businesses gain a comprehensive solution that effectively supports and optimizes their service processes. With these additional features, you can better plan, monitor, and manage your field service activities to ensure smooth operations and deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Does the Service Cloud provide AI support?

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    The Service Cloud offers a wide range of features that enable AI support. These features cover various areas, including suggestions for relevant knowledge articles, case classifications, and bot integration. These AI capabilities make it easier for your service agents by automatically providing them with relevant information and resources.

    Additionally, Salesforce plans to provide further AI integrations through Einstein GPT in the near future. Einstein GPT expands the capabilities of AI in the Service Cloud, allowing companies to leverage advanced technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to handle customer inquiries more effectively and create personalized customer experiences.

    With these AI features, you can further optimize your service processes, increase efficiency, and provide an even better service to your customers.


  • Are Sales Cloud and Service Cloud two separate systems?

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    The Sales Cloud primarily focuses on marketing and sales, while the Service Cloud places its emphasis on service and customer experience management. Both systems are part of the Salesforce Platform and are often referred to as "Core Clouds" as they cover essential functions for customer relationship management.

    The Salesforce Platform allows for seamless integration between the various clouds, including the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud. This means that no additional integration is required when implementing both solutions. Data and processes can work harmoniously across the platform, resulting in a holistic view of the customer.

  • How do I purchase Salesforce Service Cloud licenses?

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    SUNZINET is an official Salesforce license reseller. Simply contact us using the form above the FAQ of the page and we will support you with all your salesforce licenses.