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Social Ads Agency

Gain a higher reach and promising leads with social media ads. As a social ads agency, we support you in the implementation of social ad campaigns - tailored to your target group.

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Our Social Advertising Services

As your Social Ads agency, we master all major social media channels and implement your campaigns for maximum reach and effectiveness.

  • Strategic Planning & Target Group Analysis
    With us, your Social Ads campaign always begins with detailed strategy and targeted audience analysis. We put ourselves in your shoes to precisely target the individuals most relevant to you. Together, we lay the foundation for your success.
  • Campaign Development & Editorial Planning
    As a Social Ads agency, we plan and create tailored Social Ads campaigns aligned with your objectives. At the same time, we provide clear editorial plans, bringing transparency to your social media activities.

  • Creative Ad Design
    Our experts craft compelling text, video, and display ads that perfectly represent your business. We design ads that not only stand out but also resonate with your target audience.
  • Performance Optimization & Monitoring
    Through continuous monitoring and data-driven feedback, we ensure your ad campaigns always stay on track. Our reports provide clear insights, enabling quick adjustments for optimal results.

  • Integration into Performance Marketing
    Our interdisciplinary teams incorporate Social Ads into your Performance Marketing strategy. In doing so, we leverage synergies and ensure effective conversion optimization, maximizing the return on investment of your marketing efforts.

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How we implement campaigns as a Social Ads agency

Kick-Off Workshop

Together, we define your marketing goals and select the optimal social media channels to precisely target your audience.

Strategy Development & Target Group Analysis

Based on your market environment, we plan the perfect ad strategy and identify key segments of your target group.

Creative Design

Our experts craft compelling ads that resonate directly with your potential customers, whether through text, image, or video.

Implementation & Launch

We technically implement the planned campaign and launch it, ensuring your ads are presented to the desired users.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Through continuous monitoring and adjustments, we guarantee maximum results for your budget and provide you with regular progress reports.

Your advantages with us as a Social Ads agency

  • Strategic Planning & Target Group Analysis
    With us, your Social Ads campaign always begins with a detailed strategy and a targeted audience analysis. We put ourselves in your shoes to precisely reach the individuals most relevant to you. Together, we lay the foundation for your success.
  • Full Service & Individuality
    Our specialists think well beyond social media and create tailor-made ads tailored exactly to your needs.
  • Transparent & Honest Consulting
    Trust in a partnership where we make realistic promises and keep them
  • Strengthening Your Brand
    Together, we highlight your brand image and increase awareness among your target audience.
  • Result-Oriented Measures
    Rely on KPI-driven approaches and effective full-funnel strategies to maximize traffic, leads, and sales.
Social Ads Agency SUNZINET

Powerful performance through social ads

Are you looking for an experienced Social Ads agency? With us, experts from digital marketing, design, SEO, and SEA come together to craft tailor-made ads that precisely target your audience. This combined expertise ensures not only swift processes but also ads that generate genuine leads. Leverage our years of experience as a Social Ads agency and let us elevate your online presence to the next level together.

Do you want targeted reach and measurable success?

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  • Why is a social ads agency highly beneficial?

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    With the rapid progression of digitalization and increased smartphone usage, the importance of social media has significantly grown. Various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for personal use, or Xing and LinkedIn for professional networking, offer diverse avenues to effectively engage with target audiences. A Social Ads agency like SUNZINET brings the expertise to harness these channels efficiently, crafting tailored, successful advertising campaigns. Through targeted analysis, bespoke strategies, and creative ad formats, they can elevate your brand's visibility, positively shape your image, and effectively generate leads. Moreover, they provide continuous oversight and monitoring of your campaigns, measuring success, and identifying areas for optimization. By partnering with a Social Ads agency, you can truly unlock the potential of social media for your enterprise.

  • How much budget is necessary for social ads?

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    Die Investition in eine Social Ads-Kampagne mit uns als Ihre Social Ads Agentur ist stark abhängig von dem gewünschten Leistungsumfang und der zugrundeliegenden Strategie. Komplexe Inhalte wie Videos sind naturgemäß kostenintensiver als reine Textanzeigen, jedoch haben sie das Potential, im Hinblick auf den ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) besonders hervorzustechen. Maßnahmen zur Steigerung der Reichweite oder der Markenbekanntheit müssen ebenfalls spezifisch betrachtet werden.

    Wir stehen an Ihrer Seite für Ihren skalierbaren Erfolg: Wir betrachten Ihre Werbebotschaften aus einer frischen Perspektive und setzen Technologien wie Retargeting oder Remarketing angemessen auf den Plattformen ein, während wir uns um die durch Social Ads ausgelösten Kundeninteraktionen kümmern.

    Kontaktieren Sie uns als Ihre potenzielle Social Ads Agentur für eine Erstberatung, in der wir detailliert über die vorhandenen Werbemittel und Ihre finanziellen Vorstellungen in Bezug auf Ihr Werbebudget sprechen können.

  • Which social media channel is suitable for what if you want to run social ads as a company?

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    Facebook and Instagram: These platforms are ideal for B2C companies, having a vast user base and enabling the creation of visually appealing ads. They are excellent for building brand awareness, promoting products, and driving website traffic.

    LinkedIn and Xing: Suited best for B2B companies, these platforms cater to a professional audience, making them perfect for lead generation, promoting corporate news, and job advertising.

    Pinterest: Ideal for businesses selling visual products such as retail, fashion, interior design, travel, and food.

    Snapchat and TikTok: With a younger user base, these platforms are excellent for brands targeting a younger audience, emphasizing brand engagement and user-generated content.

    YouTube: Great for video ads, it's suited for brands wanting to offer an in-depth product introduction or tutorials.

    Reddit and Tumblr: These platforms have a specific, dedicated community and are suitable for brands serving a niche or targeting specific interest groups.

    It's crucial to note that the choice of the right channel greatly depends on your target audience, industry, and objectives. Comprehensive analysis and strategic planning are vital for your Social Ads campaign's success.

  • How Important are Creatives for Social Advertising?

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    In the realm of social advertising, creatives play a pivotal role. They're the centerpiece of every social ad and significantly influence its performance.

    Creatives must not only be appealing but also effectively communicate your company's message. This involves understanding the target audience deeply and, based on this, creating content that genuinely resonates and prompts action. The effectiveness of creatives can be gauged through metrics like click-through rate (CTR). A higher CTR suggests the creatives are capturing the audience's attention and interest more compellingly. This is a crucial factor in your social ad's performance, considerably aiding in achieving your marketing goals.