Consulting for digital business models

As complex as the challenges of digital transformation may seem for many companies - opportunities arise for all of them. This is precisely why consulting at sunzinet means devoting yourself to these new possibilities in a holistic manner together with the customer - from uncovering the potential to implementing adopted measures.

In dialogue with you, we slip into very different roles here. We are analysts, perspective providers, question posers, sparring partners, facilitators or listeners. But always with you: strategic consultants who want to master all digital challenges in partnership with you.

Goals of consulting in change

Regardless of how digital your business model is today, we transform your business objectives into digital projects. In this way, we create the basis for making your company a digital experience for both employees and end customers. So what you could call "customer centric" or "digital experience" in technical terms sounds much less complicated in the words of your target group: "I buy! "I get it!" or "I share!" for example.

Our strategic approach

In an ever-changing digital environment, rapid adaptability is a critical success factor - even in strategic terms. The winner is the one who not only has a goal in mind, but also the path.

  • We use interdisciplinary methods and tools to get to know your company as well as your customers and users. ­

  • We use iterative models for the development and advancement of a strategy.

  • We formulate benefit promises and make them tangible through technological and communicative measures.

Strategy in mind. Focus on implementation.

The Internet is little theoretical. Just like we did at sunzinet. Right from the start, therefore, we place a particularly strong focus in our consulting on the best possible implementation. And this begins with the consideration of suitable project management methods: We will get a picture of your company and all upcoming digital challenges. Then we will recommend the best solution from our point of view.

The same applies to the selection of suitable technologies. Right from the start, they are an important building block in creating the basis for the most important thing: the success and innovative strength of your company.