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What is team extension

Team extension is a popular approach adopted by companies that require additional developers to join their existing teams in order to complete various web or service-based projects. In this approach, companies hire dedicated developers who possess the relevant experience, skills, and expertise needed for the particular project.

These developers work alongside the company's existing team, complementing their efforts and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Team extension provides companies with access to a wider pool of talented developers, who can provide their expertise and experience to the project, while also helping the existing team develop new skills and capabilities.

With team extension, the company can tap into a pool of talent and expertise that is not available in-house, and also save money on overhead costs associated with in-house employees, such as office space, benefits, and equipment.


Ideas behind team extension


  • people-hub-outsourcing

    CEE as an IT Hub

    CEE will become the European outsourcing hub and the alternative for Asia.

    IT Outsourcing is growing 6% yoy worldwide, but in CEE growth is 17%, and in Poland over 25%!​

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  • Flexibility-adjustment


    Companies will try to increase flexibility and reduce risk by partnering with outsourcing companies. Organizations will reach out to TEX partners to help them build a highly skilled, flexible, remote engineering arm.​


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  • cost-savings

    Cost&time savings

    The team extension model enables companies to scale up and down operation without long term commitment to costs. 

    Poland has access to a large pool of talented and highly-skilled individuals who can deliver better quality at the same cost level.

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When to decide on team extension?

If your company is experiencing rapid growth and needs to scale up quickly, a team extension or team outsourcing can be a great option. You can quickly add a team of skilled professionals to your existing team without going through the lengthy hiring process. A team extension allows you to quickly ramp up or down your staffing as needed. 

When you can't find enough developers within local talent pool team extension is the right choice. If your in-house team lacks certain skills or expertise, a staff augmentation can provide access to professionals with the specific skill set you need. This can be especially useful for companies working on complex projects that require a diverse set of skills.

Why team extension?

When your company plans to launch a new project, or simply grows rapidly, additional specialist teams are needed more quickly. Why not opt for a team extension then?


  • Faster time to market

    We can find the resource you are looking for, ready to start supporting your project​
  • Continuity Of work 

    You do not need to be afraid of failing the project due to lack of resources. With our scale, we can support you in every situation. 
  • Large talent pool & scalability

    With access to our large pool of talented individuals, you are able to scale up and down your operations without long term commitment.
  • Cost savings & reduced administrative overheads

    We take care of all human resources related issues, such as agreements, holidays, sick leave and training. 

Why Poland? 


  • people-talent-pool

    Talent pool

    Poland produces 10% of all IT graduates in the EU.

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  • high-skills

    High skills & English knowledge

    Software skills among top 3 by HackerRank; #13 in the global EF English Proficiency

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  • Legislative-compatibility

    Legislative compatibility

    No legislative incompatibility between Polish developers and clients 

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  • What is team extension and how does it differ from other outsourcing models?

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    Team extension is an outsourcing model where a company extends its existing team with remote professionals to augment its capabilities and capacity. The extended team works as an integral part of the in-house team and follows the same processes and methodologies. This model differs from other outsourcing models, such as project-based or staff augmentation, as the extended team becomes an integrated part of the client's team, making it easier to ensure effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, team extension is often more flexible than traditional outsourcing models, as it allows for more control over the team's activities and progress.

  • What technologies and roles you can choose from?

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    We have a broad range of competences. Our aim it to help you reach your goals, so we can find and provide UX/UI/Animation designers, QA testers, Proxy Product Owners,  and developers working with technologies like:  Java, .NET, PHP. IOS, Android, Python and many more.​​

  • What are the cost savings and benefits of using a team extension model compared to hiring full-time employees?

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    Using a team extension model can provide several cost savings and benefits compared to hiring full-time employees:

    1. Lower costs: With team extension, you can save on costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, training, and employee benefits.

    2. Increased flexibility: Team extension provides the flexibility to scale up or down quickly as per the changing business needs without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

    3. Access to a broader talent pool: By extending your team, you can access a global talent pool with diverse skill sets, which may not be available locally.

    4. Improved efficiency: The extended team can help to complete projects more quickly and efficiently, as they bring new ideas, expertise, and experience.

    5. Reduced management burden: Since the team extension provider is responsible for the administrative tasks, such as salaries, benefits, and HR management, you can focus on core business activities.

    Overall, team extension can provide many advantages over hiring full-time employees, such as cost savings, increased flexibility, access to diverse talent, and improved efficiency.

  • How do I select the right team extension provider for my business and ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise?

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     Clearly define your project requirements, including the skills and expertise required for the project. Research potential providers by checking their portfolios, client testimonials. Assess their technical capabilities, communication skills, and project management practices by conducting interviews and asking for references.

     Evaluate the provider's culture fit with your organization, as the extended team will be working closely with your team and should share similar values. Verify that the provider has adequate security measures in place to protect your data and intellectual property. Review the provider's pricing model and ensure that it aligns with your budget and project requirements.

  • How can I ensure effective communication and collaboration with a team extension model?

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    Ensuring effective communication and collaboration is critical when working with a team extension model. Here are some tips:

    - Schedule regular video meetings with your extended team to discuss project progress and any issues that may arise.

    - Clearly define how your team and the extended team will communicate, including channels, frequency, and expected response times.

    - Use shared project management tools and document repositories to provide easy access to project requirements, design, and progress updates.

    - Foster a culture of transparency and open communication, so that issues and concerns are identified and addressed quickly.

    - Provide regular feedback to the extended team to ensure they are meeting expectations and to identify any areas for improvement.