Our Mission and Vision

Giving orientation to its employees and customers is by far the most important communication task of a company. Determining the direction, setting the guard rails and making the purpose of the company tangible is a major task - and one for which great words can be used. Our "eponym", the Chinese philosopher Sunzi (about 500 B.C.), was also quite good at this. He once said:

sunzinet: Our Mission

Chances multiply when you grab them.

Sunzi, (around 500 BC)Master Sun, Sun Tzu, Sun Tse, Chinese philosopher and strategist

So let's take our chance, free to go to Sunzi. Right now, right here.

Our Vision

If change is our only constant, digital transformation is the blink of an eye in history. A blink of an eye that will open our eyes to the age of digital penetration. And thus to a business society in which everyone without exception uses the freedom to test creative ideas and transfer them into digital business.

Here, pioneering spirit no longer leads to being a pacemaker - but to being able to keep pace at all. And tried and tested failure becomes the ultimate opportunity to operate successfully on the market.

For this age of digital penetration, we at sunzinet are uncompromisingly pursuing one goal: We want to be designers of this change - as the first address for companies that, like us, have a desire for change in their genes.

Our Mission

In this world of constant change, we empower our customers to set industry-wide standards, to lead the way, and to always be the best at what they do. The best to get the most out of your company's capabilities.

With a holistic consulting approach, comprehensive data and analysis expertise and insatiable curiosity, we offer exactly the qualities that make a successful lead agency for digital transformation. The result is a perfect interplay of high consulting and creative implementation competence.

We understand our customers' business models, take a close look at today's data and anticipate tomorrow's value-adding developments. For us, providing orientation also means quickly having short-term options for action available, beyond the "big picture", even in the event of unexpected developments.